Renaissance Jewelry and Medieval Jewelry
By Dorothea

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Renaissance Jewelry & Medieval Jewelry by Dorothea

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I love bringing the Renaissance to life through beautiful period jewelry. The romance, color, passion and pageantry of the era are drawn upon and reflected in my designs. My beautiful, handcrafted   Renaissance jewelry & Medieval jewelry   incorporates vintage & contemporary components into the designs. Most are inspired by jewelry seen in portraits between 1400 - 1650 AD.   Visit my Gallery of actual Renaissance portraits   to view jewelry styles by century.  Notice that many Renaissance and Medieval jewelry styles were repeated over many years. Since Victorian jewelry had similar designs, many of my Renaissance jewelry pieces are also appropriate for that era.

Medieval jewelry and Renaissance Tudor jewelry covered a broad range of materials.    Pearls in necklaces, brooches, earrings and collars of office were obviously the most popular jewelry component for both men and women.    From early years when mainly cabochon stones were used, jewelers gradually began using cameos, simply faceted stones with table cut, opals, pearls of all sizes (usually round) and round or lightly faceted gemstone beads.  Favored gemstones were rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. However, diamonds did not have the sparkle of today's multi-faceted stones. Chains were also popular for men and women. Some were worn to designate an office held by the wearer, or a station in society.

Though there is not much evidence, we can assume that Medieval jewelry and Renaissance jewelry for the lower classes was much simpler and made of easily found materials such as wood, shells, bone, seeds and roughly worked metal.

Medieval jewelry and Tudor jewelry styles have become even more popular due to "The Tudors" and "Reign" series on television, the movies "Elizabeth", "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" and other period movies. It is worn by faire and festival participants, but also with contemporary clothing. My jewelry has been purchased for many stage productions, the movies "There Will Be Blood" and Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, a well known theme park, the Metropolitan Opera in NYC and by many participants in Renaissance faires.

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Custom Design & Sizing Information

Renaissance jewelry designs are perfect for your Renaissance wedding or Elizabethan wedding theme, or for more contemporary weddings.  Period wedding jewelry can be simple to elaborate, white or filled with color, and will enhance your gown and the gowns of your attendants.

You may choose from my large in-stock selection of styles and colors, or we'll work together to create the perfect Renaissance jewelry accessories to complement your gown or costume.  Stock items -- necklaces, collars and girdles can usually be lengthened or shortened for a customized fit.   Not all original design elements may be available.   Contact me

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