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All of my Renaissance jewelry or original handmade jewelry customers are welcome to send me a photo of themselves to be included in this gallery. I love featuring my wonderful customers in their period costumes and wedding gowns wearing my jewelry. Working with you to create the perfect jewelry for your needs is always a pleasure.

My jewelry was purchased for use in the CW network TV series Reign, the movies There Will Be Blood and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Disney World, and The Metropolitan Opera in NYC, in addition to many other stage productions.

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Luke Roberts as Lord Simon Westbrook wearing my collar of office

Megan Follows as Queen Catherine wearing my pearl necklace

Celina Sinden as Greer wearing my necklace

CW network TV series "Reign" about Mary Queen of Scots - Oct. 2013

Street performers at Disney World.

Henry V - Avery Clark

King of France - Joe Menino
"Henry V", Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Little Rock, AR, Sept. 2012.

"Anna Bolena", Academy of Vocal Arts, Philadelphia, Nov. 2008. Photos by Paul Sirochman.

"Dido: Queen of Carthage", American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA, March, 2005. Photos by Richard Feldman.

Sophie Vanier in Bastard Blood in England

Queen Catherine of Aragon
Rosella Gonzales
Texas Renaissance Festival

Anja - Taraxa, Germany

Becky - TX

Christine - MN

Kim -- MN

Mykal as Elizabeth I

Rich -- CT

Anna Stuart - New Zealand

Emma & Andy - UK
Ann & Richard III

Heather - Netherlands

Tijs, Karin, Michael

Kate - LA

Sue & her Mom
Isle of Jersey

John & Anne - GA

Ron -- LRF, La.

Olaf & Mike - MN

Regina - CO

Neil - TX

Liz, Brandy and Abishai
CO Renaissance Festival

Nicole - Texas

Walter & Debbie - Louisiana

Peggie & friends - Iowa

Jeff - Iowa

Danielle -- Florida


Nancy-Ellen & friends

Michelle - IN

Michelle -- IN

Andrea -- MA


Heather - Texas

Liz - Indiana

Sharron & Joel - WA

Theresa - CA

Gelene - WY

Dan - NY

Tom -- AZ

Linda - Japan

Martha -- MD



Rich -- CT

Randi - Canada

Lady from TRF, TX

Lord & Lady Jamrox -- CA

Laurin - IL

Paige Long - FL

Frances and Friend - CA

Wendi - CA

Angie & Wendi - CA

Ashley Marie - CA

Kim Smith - MD

Linda Parysek - OH

Weddings & Contemporary

Leslie - Isle of Man

Melinda's Wedding

Noel & Rob - CA

Elizabeth & Michael

Joelle & Jeff - CA

Mike & Dee - UK

Brenda's wedding

Brad & Tanja Wedding - OR
Photo Courtesy Brandywine Images

Tanja's Girdle Belt
Photo Courtesy Brandywine Images

Pamela's Wedding -CA

Patricia's Wedding

Debbie - CA

Maria & Brian
Wedding - NY

Caroline's Wedding, MA
Photos courtesy
Simply Charming Photography

Alexis' Wedding - NV

Raivyn's wedding - CO

Noelle's wedding - TN

Laura & Juliean Wedding - NY

Dominic & Megan - WA

Kerry's wedding - NC

Stephanie, MI

Danielle's wedding

Myke & Tina - CA

Megan & Denny - OH

Dawn's Wedding - CA

Heather -- GA

Sarah's Wedding Cake -TX

Roxanne & Don MA

Helen -- England

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