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- see Dakota West Design

Star shape with a "B" inside - see Ballou

"S" in a crown shape -- see The Sulton Co.

"S" in a star    Some things we know and don't know about this mark:
        Mark: Another picture of the mark      Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
        "S" in a star, "Made in USA" and an applied plate with "Fred Gray Corp." -- all these marks were seen on a bird brooch. (info from Pat Seal)
         Pin with "S" in a star mark was seen on an original card which said "Fred Gray Corp."     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        Pieces only marked with the "S" in a star may or may not be Fred Gray -- we just don't know.
        There could have been several companies who used this, or a similar mark.
        It is possible that the "S" in a star and "Made in USA" may be the mark of the actual manufacturer who made jewelry for any number of jewelry companies.

SaC -- see Sarah Coventry

S.A.L. -- see Swarovski

Sajen -- Putney, VT
        Sajen is mark for Offerings Jewelry, a contrmporary company.

Saltz, Marcella -- see Trifari

Sample Art -- see GEM-CRAFT Corp.

SANCREST -- see Sanford & Co.

Sander, Jill
        Contemporary brand of clothes, jewelry, perfume, etc.

SANDOR-- New York, NY -- 1938 -1972
        Mark:   Regimental Crests 1939
        Mark:   Sandor Goldberger--1939--1940
        Mark:   Sandor    Courtesy Cathy Gordon,     Courtesy Gayla Esch
        Mark:   Sandor with the copyright mark after 1955  
        Mark:   Sandor Co. with ©  after 1955  
        Mark:   Sandor Sterling     Courtesy Roger Ericson
        Mark:   Antonio for Sandor Goldberger (from ad Aug. 1966)
        Founded in 1938 by Sandor Goldberger

Sandra Miller Burrows -- see Burrows

Sands, Lee -- Hawaii; 1975 --
        Known for using shells, wood, bone and semi-precious stones.
        Lee Sands   Jewelry Insert Card

SANFORD & CO., INC., Los Angeles, CA -- at least 1951 - 1954
        Mark:   SANCREST-- Jan. 1951     Courtesy Tracy Janik
        Native American style silver finished jewelry---all with synthetic turquoise
        Listed in a 1954 brouchure of an accessories show at the Hotel McAlpin in NY


Sant Angelo -- c June 1967

        Mark:   Sant Angelo for Vendome -- see CORO

Santa Fe -- see J.J. (JONETTE JEWELRY CO.)

SARAH COVENTRY see Coventry, Sarah

Sarahglo -- see Sarah Coventry

Sarahsheen -- see Sarah Coventry

Sardi -- UK -- 1974 to present
        Mark:   SARDI
        All items are designed and manufactured in house.


Satique -- see Trifai

Sauteur -- see RENOIR

SB in an oval -- see Silverman

S.B. Co. -- see Standard Button Co.

SC -- see Silver Cloud

S & C see Shved & Cohen

SCAASI c. Sept. 1959
        Mark:   Scaasi

Scemama, Roger
        Mark:   Roger Scemama Paris, France      Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.

        Mark:   Sceptron -- used since June 1944

Schaad, Anni Lang -- (lived 1911-- 1988) Germany
        Began using tradename "langani" in 1952 and only used glass beads from 1952 until 1965.
        Registered her trademark black bead which is found near the clasp of her necklaces in 1958.
        Began a long association with couturier Louis Feraud in 1970.
        Information from European Designer Jewelry by Ginger Moro.

SCHAUER (5th Ave.)
        Mark:   Schauer Fifth Avenue     Photo courtesy Pat Hamm.
        Not to be confused with C. Schauer

Schiaparelli, Elsa 1931-- 1973 (skE-"รค-p&-'re-lE)
        Mark:   before 1949 is lower case print; not all marked     Photo courtesy Carol Bell.
        Mark:   After 1949, the mark is in the familiar script            Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.

        In 1949 she licensed an American company to make her jewelry with either a stamped mark or paper tags marked "Designed in Paris--Created in America".        Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers.
        Mark:      Photo courtesy Luda Tovey.   
        She sold the rights to both her name and business in 1973. Current owner of the name is Interbasic Holding.
        Interbasic Holding registered these three marks for use with jewelry in 2006 & 2007:
            elsa ES   

        There is jewelry being sold online with known fake Schiaparelli marks.

SCHOFFEL & CO., Austria -- c. 1930 to at least c. 1960-70
        Mark:   A crown symbol and the word "Austria"       Courtesy Joy Tumlin.

SCHRAGER -- H.M. SCHRAGER & CO., NY, NY -- 1925 -- to at least 1962
        Mark:   House Of Schrager 5th Ave.
        Mark:   Jonne by Schrager -- c. 1950's/1960's           Mark:   House of Schrager Creation   
        Mark:        Courtesy Kathryn of .
        Was located at 392 5th Ave. and owned by Sidney Blicker
        Have ads from 1946, 1947, 1962

SCHREINER N.Y. 1939--1977
        Mark:   Schreiner N.Y.   
        Mark:   Schreiner     Photo courtesy Jennifer of Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry.
        Mark:   Schreiner Jewelry N.Y.C.     Photo courtesy Carol Bell.
        Not all Schreiner jewelry was signed.         (Sphinx was a British company and not a mark of Schreiner)

Scitarelli    -- see M. & S. MFG.

Sea-Maze -- see MAZER

Sebiri, Celia -- New York c.1970 -- 1990's
        Mark:   C. Sebiri   
        Her jewelry was sold through high end department stores and boutiques.
        She died in April 2006 at the age of 93

SEGAL , LEWIS -- California Company
        Mark:   Lewis Segal, California     Photo courtesy of David Pritchett.
        Have ad 1959

SELINI -- see Selro

SELRO -- Founded by Paul Selenger in NYC late 1940's to about 1975
        Mark:   Selro
        Mark:   Selro Corp. ©      Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
        Selro & Selini were not always marked, but came with a hangtag.   Selini hangtag    Photo courtesy Kathie Davis
        Mark:   Selini; with copyright mark, after 1955  
        Mark:   Selro, Selini -- some pieces were marked with both names.
        Some Selro and Selini jewelry was made that only had a hangtag, no marks on the jewelry.
        Paul Selenger named the company after his mother Rose Selenger -- Selro.
        Selro jewelry was the first produced, then Selini was added in an attempt to differentiate the two lines.
        For a period, Selro and Selini were produced at the same time.
        Between 1960 & 1975, Expansion Ltd. (Leo Geller) manufactured some of Selro's stock.
        Selro/Selini jewelry was distributed by the NY wholesaler Fran & Co.
        Read the article "Selro Unmasked" by Susan Klein  for additional information.

Serbin, R -- c. 1980's
        Mark:   R. Serbin     Photo courtesy Joan Redden.
        He designed jewelry in the 1980's that was sold in Neimans, Saks & Bergdorf's.

Sermol, Lilo -- contemporary artist
        Mark:   "Lilo" on metal hangtag   
        Lilo does original crocheted and knitted wire jewelry.

Shakira Caine -- see Caine, Shakira

Shapiro, Bernard -- see Les Bernard

SHERMAN -- Canadian company 1947 -- 1981
        Mark:   Sherman in block letters     Photo courtesy Jo-Ann Sturko.
        Mark:   Sherman in script       Photo courtesy Laura Libio.
        Mark:   Sherman Sterling     Photo courtesy Laura Libio.

Shube's - see Dakota West Design

Shved & Cohen
        Mark:   S & C     Courtesy Jan Gaughan

SHIMAN MFG. CO. INC. -- 1906 --at least 1988
        Mark:   ESEMCO on a small rectangle cartouche  
        Mark:   Shiman of Newark
        Mark:   Cornelia's Jewels
        Mark:   A "footprint" with an X at the toe.
        Established in Newark, NJ.
        Name was changed to Shiman Industries in 1971.

SIAM SILVER c. 1930's, 1980's
        Mark:   Amfarco -- mark used by Amfarco and Hamlet & Co. on Siam jewelry.      RCJ
        Mark:   Siam Sterling     Photo courtesy Linda Lange.

Silbro in cursive -- see Silver Brothers

Silson, Inc.

  Mark:   Silson   Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
  Mark:      Photo courtesy Laura Libio.
  Mark:      Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon

Silver Brothers - Atlanta, GA - c. 1950
        Mark:   Silbro in cursive with a line extending from the top of the "S" over the rest of the word

Silver Cloud c. 1970's to present; Albuquerque, NM
        Mark:   SC -- first used in 1979     Photo courtesy Debbi Robinson .

        Make Southwestern or Native American Style jewelry.

Simmons -- see R. F. SIMMONS CO.

Silverman Corp. - Providence, RI - 1897 or 1898 until about 1965
        Mark:   SB in an side-to-side oval.
        Mark:   SILBRO in print capital letters
        Mark:   York
        Mark:   Master
        Mark:   Neatron
        Founded by Archibald Silverman.

SIMPSON, ADELE 1940's -- 1950's
        Mark:   Adele Simpson      Photo courtesy Jenny Wren.
        Have ad from 1944 Vogue for her clothes--does not mention jewelry
        Read Julia Carroll's article for more information on Adele Simpson

Singer Cohen ??
        Mark:   Singer Cohen N.Y.C.     Courtesy Paula Knutson

Singer, Ralph -- see Ralph Singer

Singer & Kantor -- 7th Ave., N.Y., N.Y. -- c. 1930's to early 1940's
        Mark:   Singer & Kantor     Courtesy Becky Sweet
        A dress clip has been seen with all these marks present on the same piece: Singer & Kantor, WMCA and "LB" within a bell.

Sir! -- see Anson

Slident -- see R. F. SIMMONS

Small Wonders -- see Ballou

Smart Creations Inc. -- Chicago, Ill -- 1958 until present
        Mark:   Smart Creations Inc. - since early 1980's    Courtesy Paula Knutson
        Founded by Manuel Dubinsky in 1958.
        They import and export jewelry, have beading classes & parties at the Chicago location.
        They made jewelry for Lady Remington, attaching that company's mark or hangtag.
        Thanks to Paula Knutson for locating and sharing this information.

Smart Set-- see Coro

Smart Set 5th Ave. by BRJ -- see Better Rhinestone Jewelry

SMB -- see Burrows, Sandra Miller

Smith, Dotty, Norfolk, CT -- contemporary
        Mark:   Dotty Smith     Courtesy eclecticgramma


Snap-Bar -- see KREMENTZ


S.O.B. -- See Bigney, S. O.

Socialite Creations, INC. -- NY
        Mark:   Socialite -- first used 1961--   Courtesy Plenty O'Jewels@Rubylane.

Soda Set (script) -- see CORO

Softouch (script) -- see CORO

SOLAR PLATE - 1934 - see Providence Stock Company

Sommers & Sherman -- NY - late 1940's until 1960's
        Mark:   Symphony Pat. Pend.     Courtesy Linn Alber
        Thanks to Sammie for the information. See a Symphony ad in our vintage ads.

SONIA LEE -- see Lee, Sonia

SOL D'OR -- see Miracle

        Mark:   Sorrell      Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.

SORRELLI -- 1983, Kutztown, PA
        Mark:   Sorrelli ©      Courtesy ID: eclecticgramma.
        Current designer Lisa Oswald & her twin sisters, Susie & Sandy, began the company in 1983.
        Handcrafted pieces with semi-precious stones and Austrian crystals.
        Information from company website.

Sorrento -- see UNCAS MAG. CO.
        Most jewelry is gold-plated or sterling

Southern Belle (script) -- see CORO

Spear Novelty Co. -- see Bogoff

Sperrilyte -- see Sperry Mfg.

SPERRY MFG. CO., Providence, RI Jan. 1947
        Tara Co., Div. Sperry Mfg. Co., 52 Salem St., Providence, RI.

        Mark:   Tara   
        Mark:   Sperry  
        Original box marked "Tara Craftsmen Jewelers, For Everlasting Finish".   
        Introduced a light-weight aluminum jewelry called Sperrilyte in 1954.
        Listed in a 1954 brouchure of an accessories show at the Hotel McAlpin in NY
        Images courtesy Shanti Forte

Sphinx -- British firm established in 1950 -- present
        Mark:   Sphinx     Courtesy Mary Walden-Till
        Mark:   Sphinx with number     Courtesy Mary Walden-Till
        Founded by S. Root, with a factory in Chiswick which employed 200-300 people.
        They made jewelry for Kenneth Jay Lane, Butler & Wilson, 5th Avenue, Nieman Marcus, Bloomingdales and others.
        Did NOT produce pieces for Boucher.
        Unsigned pieces were either for customers who wanted to sell pieces as their own, because work was produced in a rush to meet demand
                    or because there wasn't space on the design.
        Pieces may have either numbers only or a letter and numbers. These were design numbers.
        This information from Keith Palmer, of Sphinx, has been kindly provided by Lynne MacNab and Mary Walden-Till of the UK.

Spiders in Fashion -- see UNCAS

Spin-It -- see MARVELLA

Splendor (script) -- see CORO

St. Gielar, Ian -- see Ian St. Gielar

St. John

  Mark:   SJ   Photo courtesy Carol Hearn
  Mark:   SJ and St. John.

St. Labre

  Mark:    Photo courtesy Simply Sharon


Standard Button Company; Attleboro, MA; 1909 -- 1922
        Mark:        Mark from a etched bangle bracelet. Not sure what the J.A.G. means.   Courtesy Dorothy Swearingen.

STANNARD, DONALD -- in business until 2000
        Mark:   Donald Stannard     Photo courtesy David Pritchett.

        Mark:   Donald Stannard for Kenneth J. Lane.
        Was Kenneth J. Lane's assistant from 1968 - 1972, when he started his own line.
        Made jewelry for Broadway shows: Panama Hattie, Anything Goes, Pal Joey, Evita, Hello Dolly, On the Twentieth Century, Annie, A Little Night Music
        Made jewelry for TV shows: Dynasty, All My Children, One Life to Live
        Made jewelry for movies: Roseland, The Greek Tycoon.
        Made jewelry for: Ann Miller, Arlene Dahl, Carol Channing, Mary Martin, Ethel Merman, Ruth Warrick, Loretta Young, Ginger Rogers, Dixie Carter,
        Phyllis Diller, Audrey Meadows, Jayne Meadows, Jane Powell, Elaine Stritch and The Erte Collection
        Mentioned in Vogue in 1972
        Currently designs jewelry for individuals.
        Info courtesy Harrice S. Miller.

STAR c. 1940s--1960
        Mark:   STAR        Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers

STAR of SIAM c. March 1965

Star with a "B" inside -- see B.A. BALLOU & CO

        Mark:   Star-Art Sterling    Photo courtesy Pam Brooks

        Mark:   "Staret" stamped on a rectangular plate applied to the base metal     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.     Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers

        Based in Chicago, was originally called Star Novelty Co., Inc. (since 1935)
        Was registered as Staret from 1941 -- 1947 (Brunialti).
        Not clear if they manufactured their own items or had them made.
        Existence of identical items with & without a mark points to an external manufacturer
        Not all Staret jewelry was signed -- info courtesy Harrice Miller.
        --possibly H.M. Schrager & Co. of NY or Rice-Weiner & Co.
        Have ad from November 1940

Steig, Henry -- c. 1950 -- NY, Provincetown, Massachusetts
        Mark:   Henry Steig
        Jewelry is usually small and delicate and decorated with gemstones; also worked in silver.   Info courtesy Sam Mitchell.

Stein, Lea -- c. 1960
        Mark:   Lea Stein     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        In the 1960's, Stein began making jewelry with laminated layers of cellulose acetate sheets.
        Her company closed around 1980, but she re-opened in the late 1980's and is still in business.

Steiner, Ernest -- Florida -- maker of fine jewelry

        Mark:   Ernest Steiner Original - found on a vermeil shell brooch.     Photo courtesy Stefanie Brawner.
        Appears to be 1940's designs; not to be confused with the Ernest Steiner Co. in Florida which makes fine jewelry.
        Have ad from 1946

Sterling Craft -- see CORO

        Mark:         Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers

Stern, Louis -- LOUIS STERN CO., Providence, RI -- est. 1871 -- c. 1950
        Mark:   Lustern     Courtesy Stefanie Brawner
        Mark:   Wristacrat -- 1924
        Mark:   Waite-Evans
        Mark:   W.E.
        Mark:   Dainty Maid
        Mark:   Glamour
        Mark:   L.S.CO.
        Mark:   L.S.
        Mark:   Y. & S.
        Mark:   E.P.H.
        Mark:   L.S. & CO.
        Mark:   Little Flower Rosary
        Mark:   Presit
        Makers of chains & silversmiths
        Wholesalers of chains, bags, watch bracelets, knives, buckles & jewelry
        Last record found was in 1950

Stewart, Mary Ellen -- Minneapolis, MN -- early 1970's - ??
        Mark:   m.e.     Photo courtesy Ann Robinson
        uSome materials used were deer antlers, sea glass, Austrian crystal, bronze, copper & glass beads.
        Info courtesy Linda Chapple.

Stocking Stuffer -- see CORO

Strongwater, Jay -- 1982 -- to present (2005), NY
        Mark:      Photo courtesy Myrna Seale.
        Mark:   Jay Strongwater     Courtesy Annekins Quick
        Mark:   Jay S. - used when there wasn't room for the whole name.     Courtesy Cheryl Killmer
        Jay Feinberg founded Jay Feinberg Fashion Jewelry in 1982.
        Changed the name to Jay Strongwater (his mother's maiden name) in 1990.
        Last jewelry collection was made in 1999. The company now focuses on jeweled table-top and gift items.

Stubby -- see R. F. SIMMONS


Style Metal Specialty Co., N.Y. -- c. 1930's -- 1940's
        Mark:   Style Metal Spec. N.Y.     Photo courtesy Luda Tovey.

Styled to Beautify -- see CORO

Stylecraft -- see UNCAS

Stylecraft Gems -- see UNCAS

Stylerite -- see UNCAS

Sub-Deb -- see MARATHON

Sublime (script) -- see CORO

Sung, Alfred -- contemporary
        Mark:  AS  

Sunstone, Inc./Jezlaine -- Morton Grove, IL; contemporary
        Mark:   Jezlaine 1987
        Mark:   Jezlaine Sterling      Courtesy Lyn Peightal.
        Mark:   Jezlaine 925 ©   Photo courtesy Deb Schneider
        Importer and distributor of Sterling jewelry, established in 1975.
        TSI Holding Company purchased Sunstone in 2003

Supreme (script) -- see CORO

Surgiclad -- see Crystal Brands

Suzanne Bjontegard -- see Bjontegard, Suzanne

Suzi B -- see Bjontegard, Suzanne

Swan symbol: see SWAROWSKI

Swank, Inc. -- 1897 -- present; NY, NY
        Mark:   Biagi by Swank -- line of women's jewelry started in 1975.(seen in Vogue in 1977)     Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.

        Mark:   SWANK, B & W PLATE  
        Mark:   SWANK KUM-A-PART
        Mark:   SWANK  
        Mark:   KUM-A-PART--The Buckle That Snaps
        Mark:   KUM-A-PART Kuff Button
        Mark:   ARISTO-GRAM
        Mark:   ELBO-LINK
        Mark:   HOL-TITE
        Mark:   LOOP LINKS
        Mark:   NU-LOK
        Mark:   PIN KLIP
        Mark:   RO-LON
        The Attleboro Mfg. Co. was founded by Samuel Stone and Maurice Baer, which became Swank Products, Inc. in 1936.

SWAROVSKI -- Austria -- 1895 -- present; began making jewelry in 1977
        Daniel Swarovski invented a machine to industrially cut crystal stones in 1892.
        Daniel Swarovski, his brother-in-law Franz Weis and Armand Kosmann founded Swarovski in 1895.
        Mark:   Euro mark used until 1988     Courtesy Nona Grampp
        Mark:   Edelweiss mark, which was used prior to S.A.L.     Courtesy Nona Grampp
        Mark:   Edelweiss hangtag    Courtesy Cathy Overfield
        Mark:   Edelweiss mark in presentation box    Courtesy Cathy Overfield
        Mark:   S.A.L.      Photo courtesy Linda Lange.     Photo courtesy justabunchofwildflowers.
        Mark:   D.S.Co - used from the late 1970's into the early 1980's (D.S.Co. mark seen on pair of earrings that also had the S.A.L. mark)     Courtesy Nona Grampp

        Mark:   SAWY
        Mark:   Began using a "swan" mark internationally in 1988 because people didn't recognize their edelweiss mark.    Photo courtesy Victoria james

        Began making their own line of jewelry in 1977
        As of Jan. 2006, most production was in Asia and Europe.
        Jan. 2006 -- company sells jewelry through its own retail stores, not department stores.

SWEET ROMANCE 1980 -- present
        Sweet RomanceTM Jewelry & Collectibles owned by Shelley Cooper


SWOBODA 1956 -- c. 1985
        Mark:   Swoboda -- first used in the cast -- 1966     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands;   

        Mark:   SWO.INC was used when there wasn't room for entire name
        Mark:   Swoboda, Inc.     Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
        Mark:         Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.     Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers

        Used hang tags until 1966; no items were signed.
        Founded by Edward Swoboda in Los Angeles, who retired from the company in 1979.
        Nate Waxman, a partner in the business ran it until it closed in 1985.
        Waxman opened his own business, N.W. Jewels, on the internet in 2000 and sells both vintage pieces and recasts.

SYMMETALIC -- see W.E. Richards Co.

Symphony -- see Sommers & Sherman


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LUCILLE TEMPESTA: owner-publisher of the Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry Magazine
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