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  See Crystal Brands

M -- see I. Michelson

M in square -- see I. Michelson

M in a triangle -- se Mayer, L.S.

MC superimposed -- see I. Michelson

MC block letters -- see shuven, Murry

M with backwards C        see Marsala

m.e. -- see Mary Ellen Stewart

M McF - see Mary McFadden

M. & S. MFG. CO., Inc., Providence, RI -- c 1950
        Mark:   M&S 1/20 12K GF     Courtesy Judie - ID: hunnie
        Mark:   Phyllis Originals  Presentation box  Courtesy Nanette Alcock
        Mark:   Phyllis -- in unslanted script first used June 1946
        Mark:   Sterling Phyllis      Photo courtesy Laura Libio.
        Mark:   "Scitarelli Creations by Phyllis" inside original presentation box; pendant marked "M&S 1/20 12K GF"    Courtesy Judie - ID: hunnie
        Mark:   Scitarelli on a circle plate   
        Mentioned in Jewelers Circular in 1950.

Macciarini Creations; San Francisco, CA -- c. 1940's -- present
        Mark:   "Macc" hand stamped or hand engraved.
        Peter Macciarini first made jewelry in 1936, but didn't open his own business until WWII ended.
        He considered his jewelry avant-garde and was considered a major representative of Modernism American studio jewelry.
        Peter's son Daniel started training with his father in 1962.
        Daniel, also an artist, has run the company since his father's death in 2001.

Made in Britian -- see England

Made in England -- see England

Madeira Creations -- c. 1960's
        Mark:   HMS inside a crown      Courtesy Lilly Vittetow      Courtesy Lilly Vittetow

Magic Eye (script) -- see CORO

Mah Jongg -- see CORO

Maharani -- see CORO

Maison David -- see "Freirich"

Majorica -- see Bennett, Daniel

Mamie -- see CORO

MAMSELLE -- see B. B. Greenberg Co.

Mandel, David -- 1980's - present
        Mark:   The Show Must Go On

MANDLE -- Urie Mandle Corp., NY,NY
        Mark:   URo Creations--first used June 1946
        Founded in 1938 with partner Nat Levy--this company dissolved during WW2
        Urie was a partner in Lisner jewelry c. 1930.

MANDLE -- R. Mandle Company
        Mark:   R. Mandle     Photo courtesy Luda Tovey.
        Mark:   Mandle with ©     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        Mark:   ©R. Mandle with a crown over the "a" and "n".     Photo courtesy RCJ.
        Mark:   R. Mandle hangtag        Photo courtesy Pretty Snazzy.

        Mark:   ©Mandle with crown over the "n"     Courtesy Geri Makris.
        Founded by Robert Mandle, the son of Urie Mandle, in 1956
        Robert retired in the 1990s and Gem-Craft acquired his master molds and use of his designs.

MANIFOLD - 1934 - see Providence Stock Company

MARATHON -- Marathon Co., Attleboro, Mass. -- 1907 to present (2/05)
        Mark:   Marathon used since Jan. 1914
        Mark:   12K GF Marathon  
        Mark:   Kiddie Kraft
        Mark:   Teen Kraft
        Mark:   Sub-Deb
        Mark:   Ladyette
        Mark:   Perma-Plate
        Mark:   Dolly Madison     Photo courtesy Cyndy Threadgill.

        Mark:   Marathon with an arrow through it inside of diamond shape--first used Aug. 1909; still active in 1949.
        Founded in 1907 as the Attleboro Chain Co.; incorporated in 1922 under present name.
        1965 ad says, "Quality Jewelry Since 1897"

Marboux -- see BOUCHER

Marcel Boucher -- see BOUCHER

Marcelle Originals -- see Marsella, Julio

Maresco - c. 1970's - 1980's
        Mark:   Maresco     Courtesy Mary Puncec

        Mark:   Marhill c. 1940     Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
        Mark:    Marhill ~ Fashioned on 5th Ave. N.Y.
        Mark:   An Original By Marhill
        Mark:   Marhill-Made in Japan.
        Mark:         Photo courtesy Lyn Peightal.
        Marhill earrings on card     Photo courtesy Lyn Peightal.
        Marhill imported Japanese-made mother-of-pearl smoking accessories, compacts, and a small amount of jewelry.  Information courtesy Rebecca Fransway.
        The Marhill Co., MOP jewelry, was listed in a 1954 accessories show brochure.

Marino Mfg., Co -- Providence, RI- c. 1957 -- 1983
        Mark:   MARINIO in block print     Photo courtesy Lee Caplan

MARINO -- Marino Jewelry Co., Inc., Pawtucket, RI -- 1932 --?
        Mark:   Marino in script
        According to Sept. 1978, Vogue ad, they have been making jewelry since 1932

Marjolein Bastin -- see Bastin

MARK DOTTENHEIM -- see Dottenheim, Mark

Marie Ferra -- see Ferra

Marque depose - means registered mark

Marquette Creations -- see Kaplan, Morris

Marsala Manufacturing, Columbus, OH -- c. 1987 - present
        Mark:   M with backwards C - 1987   
        Mark:   M with backwards C - 2009   
        Thanks to Patrick Dolan for the information.

Marsand Creations c. 1954
        Listed in a 1954 brouchure of an accessories show at the Hotel McAlpin in NY

Marsel, Lorraine -- see Florenza

Marsella, Julio J. -- Providence, RI --
        Mark:   Script "Marcelle" going through the "O" of "Originals" -- Nov. 1955
        Mark:   Julio Marsella     Photo courtesy Pam Brooks.

MARSLIEU -- mark of the Imperial Pearl Co., Inc., of Providence, RI. -- see Imperial Pearl


MARVEL JEWELRY MANUFACTURING CO., Providence, RI -- at least 1942
        Mark:   TOOTSIE since 1948, mostly for bracelets.
        Mark:      since 1942   Courtesy Plenty O' Jewels.
        Mark:   Sterling Marvel     Courtesy eclecticgramma

MARVELLA -- NY, NY -- Weinreich Bros. -- 1911--present
        Mark:   L'Opera 1928
        Mark:   Marvella Zenith Quality 1939
        Mark:   Marvella Minerva Quality 1939
        Mark:   Lisanda since 1940
        Mark:   Chiffon 1941
        Mark:   Marvellissimo 1948
        Mark:   Marvella Pearl Nuggets 1948
        Mark:   Marvella Fabulous 1949
        Mark:   Knight's Collar used since 1949 for pearl jewelry
        Mark:   Natura "95" 1954
        Mark:   Spin-It 1955
        Mark:   Marvella with copyright mark, afer 1955        Photos courtesy RCJ
        Mark:   Marvella first used after 1911     Courtesy RCJ
        Mark:   Date Timer 1956
        Mark:   Maturelle 1957
        Mark:   Freshura 1958
        Mark:   Marvellesque 1958
        Mark:   Marvellette 1958
        Mark:   Marvellier 1958
        Mark:   Hi-Rise 1958
        Mark:   Dynasty --first used about June 1959
        Mark:   Marvelustre 1960
        Mark:   Marvelique 1961
        Mark:   Marvella Coutura 1961
        Mark:   Marvella Pearlescent 1961
        Mark:   Marva-Star 1963
        Mark:   Lisanda
        Mark:   Neptune 1939
        Mark:   Venus
        [1982--2000: a division of the Monet Group]
        Monet Group, which includes Trifari and Marvella was bought by Liz Claiborne in July 2000 and moved out of the country

Marvellesque -- see MARVELLA

Marvellette -- see MARVELLA

Marvelique -- see MARVELLA

Marvellissimo -- see MARVELLA

Marvelustre -- see MARVELLA

Mary Ellen Stewart -- see Stewart, Mary Ellen

Mary McFadden - contemporary designer
        Mark:        Courtesy Kathy Taylor

Maryse Blanchard - 1950's -- 1970's; Paris
        Mark:   Modele Maryse Blanchard, Paris (from European Designer Jewelry by Ginger Moro)      Courtesy Cat Thompson.
        She designed jewelry for couture houses and for her own line.

Master - see Silverman

MASTER-CRAFT -- Master-Craft Novelty Corp. NY, NY
        Mentioned in JC-K in 1943
        Have ad from 1947

MATISSE, LTD. c. Dec. 1952 -- see Renoir

Matsumoto, Kunio -- see Trifari

Maturelle -- see MARVELLA

MAURICE JACOBS -- see Jacobs, Maurice

Maurice Milleur -- see Milleur

Maxann Mftg. Co., Inc. -- Providence, RI
        Mark:   Maxann seen in Keystone in 1950      Photo courtesy Alison's Antiques & Vintage Jewelry on Ruby Lane

Maximal Art - see Wind, John

        Mark:        Courtesy Kaye Aaroe Barbieri
        Runway jewelry from the late 1980's or early 1990's (Liz Bryman).

Mayer, L.S.

Mayfair Jewelry Co. c. 1954
        Listed in a 1954 brouchure of an accessories show at the Hotel McAlpin in NY

MAYO, ROBERT c. Jan. 1967

MAZER / MAZER BROS. 1923-1981
        Mark:   Sea-Maze used for artificial pearls since 1929
        Mark:   Mystere -- script, since 1949
        Mark:   Joseph Mazer     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        Mark:   Mazer Bros -- 1926--1951.
        Mark:   Mazer Sterling      Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
        Mark:   Mazer Bros.     Courtesy Evelyn Phillips
        Mark:   Jomaz 1946-1981      Photo courtesy Ann Robinson - ID: 9am.;    (after 1955 with©)     Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
        Mark:   Joseph Mazer used "Mazer" from 1946-1981       Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers.
        Mark:   Mazer Tag    Courtesy Sue Sinclair
        Mark:   Thierry Mugler for Mazer 1978
        Mark:   Adolfo for Mazer         Courtesy AJ's Antiques & Art Gallery
        Mark:   Sandi Miller for Mazer
        Founded by Joseph Mazer and his brother Louis
        Began costume jewelry production in 1927.

MB with the phrygian cap -- see BOUCHER

McCann, Judith -- NY, NY -- c. 1955
        Mark:   Judith McCann
        Mark:   Judith McCann Designs      Courtesy Denise M Dougherty.
        According to 2 Vogue ads form 1955 & 1959, she designed wingback earrings & the shuvon clasp --
        an ornamental fastening, while being part of the design, makes possible many arrangements of one necklace for neck, wrist or hair.
        "Wingback" earrings is a trademark of the Wingback Company founded in NY.   1944 -- patent #2414382;   Danecraft Co. also used this design for their earrings.)
        Judith McCann Designs merged with several other companies in 1975 to form Elle Designs.

MCCLELLAND BARCLAY see Barclay, McClelland

McGrath-Hamin Inc - Providence, RI; 1907 - Vagas bought in 1980
        Mark:   M-H - 1951with arrorws pointing to each side   Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
        Mark:   Little Princess - 1958   
        Mark:    SILHOUETTES OF LOVE - 1977   
        Mark:   V- Garden - 1976   
        Mark:   MH in round mark - 1976  
        Mark:   Cuff Vertibles - 1972   
        Mark:   DIAM-O-BRITE - 1971   
        Mark:   KARATGEM - 1971   
        Mark:   Samart Creations   
        Since1907 as Thomas McGrath, 1951 McGrath-Hamin, Inc..
        Purchased by Vargas in 1980.

Medici, Leah and Lauren -- see Two Sisters

Me-To-You by Trifari-- see Trifari

Memories of Life (script) -- see CORO

Merksamer -- see Fred Meyer Jewelers

Metalite (script) -- see CORO

Meltzer, Ben
        Mark:   Ben Meltzer Inc. NY      Photo courtesy Karen Bird.

Meyer Bros. -- Seattle, WA
        Mark:   Fashion Art since 1957      Courtesy Cindy Amirkhan

Meyer, Fred see Fred Meyer

Meyer, Joseph H. -- see Joseph H. Meyer

Meyer, N. S. -- see N. S. Meyer

MICHAEL OSTER see Oster, Michael

Michelsen, Anton -- Danish
        Mark:   AM inside a triangle with a crown above.   Info courtesy Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry.

I. Michelson -- NY, NY -- 1884 until at least 1931, perhaps later
        Mark:     MC superimposed
        Mark:      "M"
        Later became I. Michelson & Sons.
        Mark:     M in a square - mark of I. Michelson & Sons.

Midg-ette -- see Anson

MIFAVORITE - see Providence Stock Company

MILHAM, BETTY c. Dec. 1965

Miller, Harrice Simmons
        Mark:   HSM

Miller, Nolan
        Mark:         Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers.

Milleur, Maurice - New Orleans & MS Gulf Coast - contemporary designer
        Mark:        Courtesy RCJ
        Contemporary designer who works in pewter
        Trade name Pewter Graphics, Inc.

Mimi di N - 1960 to at least 1995
        Mark:   Mimi Di N     Photo courtesy Stefanie Brawner.

        Mark:   Mimi Di N with a date [after c.1970]   
        Mark:   Bracelet was found with both these marks on it, but can find no information.        Courtesy Cathy Corday
        Mark:   Mimi Di N © 1995     Courtesy Renee' Burch
        Mimi di Niscemi worked with Arnold Scassi, Robert DeMario and Brania before opening her own company in 1960.

Ming Jewelry

  Mark:   Ming's Sterling Photo courtesy Pat Seal

Miracle -- A Hill and Company (Birmingham) Ltd, England, 1946 to present
        Costume Jewelry:
        Mark:   Miracle    Photo courtesy Darlyn     Courtesy RCJ
        Mark:   Miracle A
        Mark:   Miracle AB
        Mark:   Miracle AS
        Mark:   Miracle Anglo-Saxon
        Mark:   Miracle Britain   "Britain" portion of the mark     Photo courtesy Jo-Ann Sturko.

        Mark:   Mirac Britn
        Mark:   A Miracle Creation
        Mark:   Miracle R
        Mark:   Miracle ®
        Mark:   Miracle V
        Mark:   Miracle Viking
        Mark:   Miracle (+ a number)
        Mark:   Celtic Jewelry + (in Irish Gaelic) Made in England

        Costume Jewelry made for Solvar (Sol D'Or):
        Mark:   Miracle
        Mark:   SOL D'OR Miracle
        Mark:   SOL D'OR     Photo courtesy Pam Brooks
        Mark:   SOL D'OR BRITAIN

        Sterling Silver:
        Mark:   Miracle, AH, plus 2 marks of the Edinburgh mint (castle & thistle) & date letter code used on silver jewelry.     Courtesy Carole Morris

        Mark:   Made in Scotland hangtag     Photo courtesy Jo Ann Sturko.
        Mark:   Miracle, Mizpah        Courtesy Carole Morris
        A Hill & Co. made costume, Sterling and low carat gold pieces.
        A very small amount of their jewelry is NOT signed.
        Shiman Bros. & Albert S. Samuel probably distributed A. Hill products in the US, that already had the Miracle signature on them.
        The company name was changed to Miracle Jewellery Ltd. in January, 2006.
        They had a small factory in Coldstream, Scotland from 1969 to 1980
        English company who made pieces signed MIZPAH with the heart & arrow signature was Quarrier Ward & Ward Brothers.
Designs of both companies were recently bought by the Miracle company.
        Butler and Wilson never made any Miracle jewelry.
        Information provided by Carole Morris: Miracle Jewelry Collectors

MIRIAM HASKELL -- see Haskell, Miriam

Miss Hattie -- see CARNEGIE

Mitchel Maer -- see DIOR, CHRISTIAN

Mitchell's Jewelry -- NY -- late 1940's until late 1960's
        Mark:   FAM -- initials of the Mitchell's children
        Only marked their jewelry for a short time, so most was unmarked.
        Information from Mrs. Mitchell provided to RCJ by Sammie.

Mizpah -- see Miracle

MJ ENT -- MJ Enterprises c. 1977 -- present, Cranston, RI
        Mark:   MJ ENT      Courtesy Myrtle Pilgreen.
  Courtesy .

MMA -- Metropolitan Museum of Art
        Mark:   MMA

Mode Art -- see Art

MODERNE BEAUTY - 1934 - see Providence Stock Company

Moini, Iradj -- contemporary designer ( ee' -radj-uh moy' nee )
        Mark:         Photo courtesy Erik Yang.

MONET -- see Monocraft Products Co., Inc. (Mo-nay)

Monies, Gerda Lynggaard -- c 1970's-- Denmark
        Mark:   Gerda Lynggaard Monies      Photo courtesy Myrna Seale.
        Mark:   Gerda Lynggaard for Monies Copenhagen    Courtesy Judy Miller
        Mark:   Monies     Courtesy Judy Miller
        Mark:        Courtesy Judy Miller
        Some pieces were only marked with a paper tag.
        Gerda Lynggaard and Nicolai Monies met in jewelry school in 1973. They married and started their jewelry business.
        They use many natural stones and materials in their jewelry.
        Monies makes two lines: Monies Unique, designed & made by Gerda and Nicolai and larger collections produced in workshops working for Monies.

Monocraft Products Co., Inc., -- 1927
        Mark:   Monocraft- first used by Monocraft Products in 1927; mark registered in 1952; mark renewed in 1972; now dead (US Trademark site)
        Mark:   Monet -- mark first used in 1937 by Monocraft Products (US Trademark site)   
        Mark:   Monet Jewelers     Photo courtesy Sam & Yvonne Mitchell.
        Mark:  MONET     Photo courtesy Deb Schneider
        Mark:   Monet Sterling     Courtesy Jim Katz
        Mark:   Monet Pat. Pend.   
        Mark:   Monet Jewelry tag     Courtesy Jim Katz
        Mark:   Monet  
        Mark:   Monet with copyright, after 1955      Courtesy of K Paxson
        Mark:   Monet tag  
        Mark:   Ciani -1997; abandoned 2000   
        Monocraft (parent company of Monet) was founded by Michael and Jay Chernow in New York in 1927 and the name was used into the 1970's.
        Purchased by General Mills in 1968
        From 1989--1994 it was a subsidiary of Crystal Brands jewelry Group.
        1994--2000-- owned by Chase Capital Partners, Lattice Holding -- A division of the Monet Group.
        Monet Group, which includes Trifari and Marvella was bought by Liz Claiborne in July 2000 and moved out of the country.

Moonbeam -- see CORO

Moonrays -- see CORO

MORELAND, DEBRA -1990-present; studios in Cincinnati, Ohio
        Mark:   Fleur-de-lis charm, plus the artisan's signature charm
        Her company is named "Paris" and specializes in bridal jewelry and accessories.
        She purchased B. David manufacturing facilities (only) in 1993.
        Thanks to Hannah Moreland Reck & Bonnie Rasche for info.

        Did home parties in the 1950's and 1960's
        Did some of the ethnic faces in molded plastic

Morton, Josef
        Mark:         Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
        Mark:         Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.

MOSELL -- Frederick Mosell Jewelry Co. NY, NY -- 1940
        Mark:        Courtesy Aged and Opulent Jewelry
        1st collection shown in April 1941
        Mentioned in a Nov. 1962 Seventeen magazine for a non-jewelry item.
        Mosell was both owner and designer

MR. JOHN - c. 1940's, 1950's
        Hangtag:        Courtesy Karla Wacker
        Mark:   Mr. John     Courtesy Melissa Hatfield
         A New York hat designer; jewelry has paper tags

Murrle, Bennett and Co.-- London, England - 1884
        Mark:        Courtesy Cathy Gordon
        Mark:   Theodor Fahrner made some jewelry for Murrle Bennett, which carried both their marks.    Courtesy Cathy Gordon
        Wholesale jewelry firm specializing in Art Nouveau designs.
        Murrle was repatriated to Germany during WWI and the company became White Redgrove and Whyte.
        Info courtesy Cathy Gordon (from Vivienne Becker, Art Nouveau Jewelry).

Murry Chuven -- see Chuven, Murry

Museum of Fine Art - Boston, MA
        Mark:   MFA     Courtesy Gil Gupton

Museum Reproductions, Inc.

  Mark: Stacked triangles  Photo courtesy Linda Jo D. Mitchell

        Mark:   Musi  

Music Box -- see CORO

MYLU --est. by Lynne Gordon & Marge Borofsky -- c. 1960's -- 1970
        Mark:   Mylu  
        Became a division of Coro in 1968

Mystere -- see MAZER


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DOTTY STRINGFIELD: research files
LUCILLE TEMPESTA: owner-publisher of the Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry Magazine
BOBYE SYVERSON: research files.
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