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   see Bugee and Niles

"B" - see Ballou

"B" inside a star -- see Ballou, B. A.

"B" inside a crown
        Mark:   "B" inside crown shape     Photo courtesy Plenty O Jewels.
        This mark was seen in combination with DRGM on a piece of jewelry, which tells us it is a German mark.

B.A.B. - see Ballou

B.B. Greenberg -- see Greenberg

-- see Bliss Bros.

BB with image of a bee -- see Bliss Bros.

-- see Bliss Bros.

Small "B" and "Co" within a large "B"    -- see Bliss Bros.


-- see Bennett, E. A.

-- see Barker & Barker

-- see Barrasso & Blasi

-- see Baskin Brothers

-- see Baskin Brothers

-- see Bastian Bros.

-- see Bastian Bros.

   -- see Bates & Bacon

   -- see Bates & Bacon

Two interlocked "b's" in a triangle   -- see Berman Brothers

B B in an oval   -- see Bioren Bros.

Vertical B over B under an inverted "V"    -- see Barnabus Barna

B & C -- see Bishton

B & N Co. -- Bugbee and Niles Co. -- 1896-1943

B. DAVID -- see David, B.

see Burr, Patterson & Co

Bade, Otto R. - NY -- 1958
        Mark:   ORB     Courtesy Dana Ricci, ID: canam88
        Founded by Otto Bade who was plant foreman for Rebajes from 1941 to 1958. He purchased Rebajes in 1960; retired in 1981.

Baer, Majorie -- San Francisco, CA -- late 1960's to present (05)
        Mark:   BAER SF   
        Specializes in unique, hand-crafted jewelry.

Baer, Wilde Company -- Attleboro, MA
        Mark:   Kum-A-Part      Photo courtesy David Pritchett.
        Ads in JC & K from 1915 to 1931.

Bal-Ron Company, Inc. -- Providence RI
        Mentioned in JC Keystone in 1950 & 1965
        An ad in 1959 mentions cultured pearls, onyx, scarabs,cameos set in 10k & 14k. (Rainwater)
        Mark:   Truli Fine
        Mark:      Photo courtesy Linda Lange.

BALENCIAGA c. May 1963

Balfour, L.G. -- Attleboro, MA; then Austin, TX in 1966; - 1913 to present
        Mark:   LGB - 1944
        Mark:   BALFOUR - 1913
        Products include: class rings, military insignia, achievement awards, fraternity & sorority jewelry.
        Founded by Lloyd Garfield Balfour.
        1996 - Balfour combined with CJC Holdings, Inc. to form a new company, Commemorative Brands, Inc.

Ballet Jewels, Inc., NY,NY; ? --present/strong>
        Mark:   Ballet     Photo courtesy Alison Gadberry.
        Owned by Harold Bass, and then his son Tommy Bass.

Ballon, Harry -- Harry Ballon & Company --Providence, RI
        Mentioned in JC Keystone in 1922 & 1931.
        Mark:   Truli Fine 1944; used on men's and women's jewelry.

Ballou, B. A. - Providence, RI - 1876 -- present
        Mark:   "B" within a star -- 1894; renewed 1989       Courtesy Stephanie Brawner
        Mark:   B.A.B. - 1908; renewed in 2004  
        Mark:   "P" within a pyramid; original owner Pyramid Jewelry; last owner B.A. Ballou; renewed 2004.  
        Mark:   "B" within a star, Sterling    Courtesy RCJ
        Mark:   B -- first used 1894; renewed in 1969; now dead
        Mark: Ballou -- 1919; renewed in 1989         Mark: B.A.B. & Co.         Mark: Small Wonders - 1990; renewed 2001
        Mark: EZ Squeeze - 1996; cancelled in 2005
        Mark: Guardian -- 2000
        Mark: Guardian II -- 2004
        Mark: Star with a "B" inside, and the words "Trade Mark" arched above the star.
        Founded: by Barton A. Ballou

Ballou, Caroline

  Mark:   CB -- 1995

BARCLAY -- Providence, RI -- 1946
        Mark:   Barclay     Photo courtesy Jim Katz.
        Mark:   Barclay/Art In Jewelry on an artist palette -- used since 1948.
        Mark: Peltanium-- first used Jan. 1953.
        Barclay was in business until about 1957.
        Barclay did not mark their jewelry the last few years.
        Founded by Alvin & Robert Rice & Louis Mark in Providence, RI, in 1946 after a split with Rice-Weiner.

        Mark:   McClelland Barclay     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        Mark:      Photo courtesy Jim Katz.
        Mark:        Courtesy Patricia Gostick
        Mark:          Courtesy Patricia Gostick
        Mark:        Courtesy Patricia Gostick
        Mark:        Courtesy Patricia Gostick
        Mark:    This is a rare use of "©" before 1955 to protect the brand, not the design. Photo & info courtesy Jim Katz.
        Rice-Weiner made jewelry for McClelland Barclay
        Read an article about McClelland Barclay by Patricia Gostick.

Bargas, Armand -- c. 1900
        Mark:   ABargas -- "AB" are joined and "argas" is in cursive     Photo & info courtesy Plenty O'Jewels.
        French artist who designed & engraved medallions in Art Nouveau style.

Barker & Barker -- Providence, RI -- at least 1920 -- c.1950
        Mark:   B-B   
        Mark:   JO MAR
        Listed in a 1920 state of RI factory inspection report.

Barkin, Gret

  Mark: Gret Barkin  Photo courtesy Jennie Smith
  Mark: Gret Barkin Sterling  Photo courtesy Jennie Smith
  Mark: Gret Barkin, New Hope, PA, Hand Wrought  Photo courtesy Jennie Smith
  Mark: Gret  Photo courtesy Jennie Smith


  Mark:   Barlow -1980   Photo courtesy eclecticgramma
  Mark:   Barlow   Photo courtesy Linda Lange

Barnabus Barna, Berverly Hill, CA -- c. 1962
        Mark:   Vertical B over B under an inverted "V"   

Bar-On -- contemporary artist from Israel
        Mark:   N.S. Bar-On     Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

Barrasso & Blasi -- Newark, NY -- c. 1922
        Mark:   B&B   
        Founded in 1922

Barrera, Jose' and Maria -- contemporary designers
        Mark:   Barrera for Avon -- 1989 - 1996  
        Sold through Neiman Marcus.

Bartek -- Wallingford, CT ? -- c. 1953
        Mark:   Bartek      Photo courtesy Myrna Seale.
        Barteck designed for Napier in the late 1930's, before opening his own company (courtesy Ginger Moro).

Baskin Brothers, NY, NY -- c. 1915 - 1931
        Mark:   Back to back "B's"   
        Mark:   Back to back "B's" within a circle   
        Mark:   Historic Gems
        Mark:   Lifetime
        Mark:   Victoria Regina with back to back "B's"
        Mark:   Gardenia with back to back "B's"

Bastian Bros. Company, Rochester, NY -- 1895 - present
        Mark:           Courtesy Lyn Peightal
        Mark:   Bastian 10K

Bastin, Marjolein - Netherlands - b 1943
        Mark:   MB     Courtesy Mary Nefzgere
        Mark:   © M. Bastin (sometimes with the year)
        Had a 10 year association with Hallmark, designing paper goods and jewelry for them.

Bates & Bacon -- Attlebore, MA --1856 -- c. 1943
        Mark:   Bates & Bacon
        Mark:   Bates & Bacon on a shield
        Mark:   Bates & B  Courtesy Vera Battemarco
        Mark:         Courtesy ID: eclecticgramma.

BAUER, DOROTHY -- 1982-present
        Originally named "A Piece of the Rainbow", named was changed to Dorothy Bauer Designs..
        Mark:   BAUER in block letters on an oval disk.
        The mark: "Bauer 88" is NOT hers.

Bazot, Andree -- Late 1950's & early 1960's
        Mark:   Andree Bazot Paris       Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
         Photo courtesy Rene Colon.

Beadlite -- see Whiting & Davis


BEAU -- BEAUCRAFT, INC.-- 1947- Sept., 2004--Providence, RI
        Mark:   Stylized "B-Ster"   
        Mark:   Beaucraft {Sterling}      Courtesy Jenny Wren.
        Mark:   Beau B Sterling     Courtesy Pam Brooks.
        Mark:   "B" with "Ster" or "Sterling"     Photo courtesy Pam Brooks.

        Mark:   Beau Sterling  
        Mark:   Beau Sterling ©      Photo courtesy Ann Robinson ID: 9am
        Mark:   Beau tag     Courtesy Karen - a friend of RCJ
        Beaucraft also made 14kt jewelry
        Beaucraft closed shop and auctioned off their tools, molds and jewelry on 9/9/04.  Thanks to Linda Jo D. Mitchell for this update.

Beaujewels -- see BOWMAN FOSTER, INC.

Begay, Kenneth 1940-s - 1960-s
        Mark:        Courtesy Julie Levine
        Known as the father of modern Navajo jewelry.

Bel Geddes -- see Rice-Weiner

BELL -- BELL TRADING POST, Albuquerque, NM -- 1932 -- c. late 1980's
        Mark:   Bell
        Mark:   NICKELSILVER EIL,encircling a bell     Courtesy Linda Lange
        Mark:   Bell Jewelry with picture of a bell.      Photo courtesy Glitz & Glitter Boutique.
        Mark:   An image of a bell
        Mark:   "Copper by Bell" with a bell hanging from a post    RCJ
        Mark:   "Solid Copper" -- A bell hanging from a post      Photo courtesy BeeGee McBride.

        Mark:   "Solid Copper" -- A bell hanging from a post      Photo courtesy Jenny Wren.

        Mark:   Sterling with a bell on a post   Courtesy Susan @ Eureka
        Mark:   A bell on a round plaque with "Copper" above and "Bell" below    RCJ
        Mark:   Sterling, wtih the word "BELL" inside the bell    Courtesy RCJ
        Mark:   Karatclad by Bell     Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers.
        Mark:   Ster. and a picture of a bell; this is a later Bell mark     Courtesy Jennifer (wheat*from*the*chaff)
        Founded in 1935 by Jack Michelson at a second floor location at Third and Central in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
        Purpose was to sell Indian Jewelry to tourist locations throughout the western US in competition with Maisel’s Indian Trading Post.
        Was named "Bell" because Jack's wife Mildred Bell Michelson's maiden name was Bell.
        Name was changed to Sunbell Corp. in 1972; giftware & moccosin divisions were added to the exsisting Bell Jewelry division.
        Information courtesy of Barbara Talbott.

BELLINI -- see Formart Corp.

Ben Amun
        Isaac Manevitz, a native of Egypt, began making fashion jewelry around 1983. Still in business in 2003.
        Mark:   Ben Amun

BENEDIKT -- Howard Benedikt; 389 5th Ave., NYC
        Mark:   With copyright mark, after 1955  
        Mentioned as late as Aug. 1963 in a Seventeen magazine.

Bengel, Jacob (Jakob)

Bennard see VARGAS

Bennett, Daniel -- c. 1950's -- Los Angeles, CA
        Mark:   Majorica -- c. 1957     Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.

Bennett, E. A. -- 1892 -- Providence, RI
        Mark:   B.B.      Photo courtesy Jeri of Jeri's Joolz at Ruby Lane.
        Mark:   E.A.B. 10K
        Became Bennett & Bradford in 1898.

BENTLEE-- Ben Felsenthal & Co., NY, NY
        Mark:   Bentlee -- first used July 1917     Courtesy A friend of RCJ

BEREBI, EDGAR -- Brooklyn, NY -- 1981
        Mark:   1981-1983--no mark on jewelry--just gray card on mainly plastic and patinaed metals
        Mark:   1983--epoxy marbling with stick-on labels marked c.Berebi [the first design was flowers]  
        Mark:   1984--produced mainly earrings on card with subtitle "Mes annee folle"[My crazy years] --still using c.Berebi on earrings
        Mark:   1992--First use of white metal casting for earrings--c.Berebi on pieces--96% of product output was earrings  
        Mark:   1993--first use of lever back style and museum inspired earrings and pins
        Mark:   1993--First television show on Value Vision--first Faberge inspired eggs
        Mark:   1995--Licensed the Edgar Berebi jewelry trademark to the 1928 Company for them to manufacture the line
        Mark:   1997--Obtained sublicense to design & manufacture "Edgar Berebi" jewelry for use on TV;
            also used his trademark to make first table top eggs and boxes
        Mark:   1999--Relationship with TV ends
        Mark:   2001--starts to manufacture frames & boxes that had been designed for TV in 1994,
            and does not intend to manufacture jewelry in the near future
        Information supplied by Edgar Berebi 4/03

Berge see Bergere

Bergere -- Herbert & Pohs, Incorporated

Mark:   Berjac -- first used in 1940
Mark:   Berge -- first used in 1946
  Mark:   bergere - first used in 1948     Photo courtesy justabunchawildflowers

BERJAC see Bergere

Berman Brothers, Pittsburg, PA -- 1962
        Mark:   Interlocked "B's" in a triangle   

Bernard, Les -- see Les Bernard

        Mark:   Best in script - contemporary mark on jewelry imported from China.    Courtesy RCJ

Betsy Ross -- see R. F. SIMMONS

Better Rhinestone Jewelry Corp. -- NY, NY -- c. 1940's -- 1950's
        Mark:    BRJ
        Mark:   Smart Set 5th Ave. by BRJ      Photo courtesy Geri Makris -- ID jamielee1.

Bex, Pierre -- see Pierre Bex

Biagi by Swank -- see Swank, Inc.

Bick & Son, Harry S., NY, NY, from at least June 1947 until at least 1988
        Mark:   HSB with a line going through the initials.(ad from a 1947 Vogue magazine)     Courtesy Linda Lange
        Mark:   Bickson - first used 1948
        They were still in business when Rainwater wrote her book in 1988.

Bickson -- see Bick

Bigney -- S.O. Bigney Co. of Attleboro, Mass -- at least 1896 to 1946
        Mark:   S.O.B.
    S.O. Bigney & Co., Pat. Oct. 6, '08   Photos courtesy Pat Seal
        Mark:   Bigney, Lady Launton -- on bracelet from 1946.
        Much of this information is courtesy of Jim Katz, who has patents to Sidney O. Bigney from 1897 to 1936.

Bill Smith for Richelieu -- see Joseh Meyer

BINDER BROS., INC., NY, NY -- c. 1920
        Mark:        Courtesy Sandy Lisnak
        Mark:   Two "B's" inside interlocking circles     Photo courtesy of Gail Gupton   
        Mark:   BB Sterling     Photo courtesy Jennifer from Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry.

Bioren Bros. Newark, NJ -- c. 1887-1929 (info found in tax and other records)
        Mark:   "B B" within an oval       Courtesy Dawna St. Marie

Birks / Birks Dingwall - 1879 - Montreal, CA
        Mark:   Birks     Courtesy Robin Deutsch
        Some Birks jewelry was made by Knoll and Pregizer of Pforzheim, Germany.
        High end jewelry store founded by Henry Birks in 1879; acquired D.R. Dingwall in 1933.
        The Italian Regaluxe Investment group acquired Birks Dingwall in 1993.
        Thanks to Robin Deutsch for sharing her research on Birks Dingwall and Knoll & Pregiaer.

Bishton & Company -- Birmingham, England
        Mark:  B & C    Courtesy Carolyn Sunday
        :Frederick Bishton and Edwin Wilkes

        Mark:   B.J.  

Bjontegard, Suzanne

Bjorn, Weckstrom -- see Weckstrom, Bjorn

Blacher Brothers -- Providence, RI -- c. early 1900's -- in business in 1981
        Mark:   Blacher      Photo courtesy eclectigramma.
        Founded by Harry Blacher.

Black Magic -- see ELZAC

Blank, Henry -- see Whiteside & Blank

Blanchard, Maryse -- see Maryse Blanchard

BLISS -- The E.A. Bliss Co., NY, NY--est. 1875 -- see NAPIER
        Mark:        Photo courtesy Linda Lange.

        Founded by E.A. Bliss & J.E. Carpenter when they acquired the Whitney & Rice Co.
        Name became E.A. Bliss in 1883.
        Bliss Co. became Bliss/Napier in 1915

BLISS BROTHERS CO. -- Attleboro, MA 1896 -- c. 1950
        Mark:    Small "B" and "Co" within a larger "B"     Image coutesy of Sheryl Hamilton.   
        Mark:   B.B. with image of a bee.
        Mark:   Surefit

        Mark:        Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.
        Mark:   Fred A. Block      Photo courtesy Robin Deutsch.
        Opened a showroom in 1940; was still in business in 1949.
        Have ad from 1946

BLUMENTHAL, B. -- 1877
        Mark:   B. Blumenthal & Co., Inc.  
        Mark:   B. Blumenthal & Co., Inc.    Courtesy Ronelle Willadsen
        A button mfg founded in 1877, who only made jewelry for a few years. Scarce and hard to find mark.
        Photo & info courtesy MJ DeCourley.

BLUWITE - see Providence Stock Company

Bob-O-Link see Eisenstadt

Bobley Jewelry, NY -- 1955
        Mark:   Bobley     Courtesy eclecticgramma
        Founded by Joseph Bobley.

BOGOFF - Chicago, IL - 1940 - early 1960's
        Mark:   Bogoff    Photo courtesy Victoria James    Photo courtesy Jenny Wren      Courtesy Sam and Yvonne Mitchell.
        Mark:   Jewelry by Bogoff
        Mark:   Jewels by Bogoff     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands .

        Henry & Yvette Bogoff founded Spear Novelty Co. in late 1920's/early1930's in Chicago.
        Bogoff founded by Henry Bogoff in 1940.
        Bogoff ads from 1946-1948 mention Gay-Bee Jewelry Co. of Chicago; ads from 1949 forward do not mention Gay-Bee.
        Jewels by Bogoff listed in a Jan. 1954 brochure of an accessories show in NYC>
        See an article on Bogoff for more information.

Bohlin, Edward H. -- 1895 - 1980
        Mark:      Photo courtesy Sam & Yvonne Mitchell.
        Bohlin founded his leather and silver boods business in Hollywood in the early 1920's, making saddles, etc. for the stars of Western movies.
        The company reached it's peak 1930's -- 1950's.
        Bohlin died in 1980.
        The company is still in business, no longer makes the fancy, parage saddles for which Bohlin was famous.

BOHMER, WILLIAM - as early as 1954
        Mentioned in a 1954 accessories show flyer.


BOLLES, JANE c. 1967
        Have ad from 1967

BOND BOYD 1944--present
        Mark:   Bond Boyd
        Mark:   Bond Boyd Sterling     Courtesy Roberta Peach
        Mark:   Halbe -- used in USA
        Mark:   Latona
        Mark:   Sterling Boyd     Courtesy Roberta Peach
        Canadian jewelry company which currently does mostly corporate jewelry.

Booth, Tulla -- c. 1980
        Mark:   Tulla Booth      Courtesy Judy Miller.
        American designer, who evidently no longer makes jewelry.

BOTTICELLI; Providence, RI -- from at least 1969 until 1976
        Mark:              Photo courtesy of Cynthia Fore Miller.

BOUCHER, MARCEL 1937-1971/72 (Boo-shay)
        Mark:   Marboux --Dolan found it registered in 1937; Brunialti found mark wasn't used until 1955, for a new, less expensive line.  
        Mark:   Boucher -- 1950 to 1955     Photo courtesy Linda Kent
        Mark:   MB with the phrygian cap was used from 1937--1949 (and after when space was limited)     Photo courtesy Laura Libio.
                     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        Mark:   "Marcel Boucher" 1938
        Mark:   Parisina -- Sterling made in Mexico during WWII        Photo courtesy Lorrie Notter.
        Mark:   Earrite 1950
        Mark:   LeC      with number   -- short for "Le Couturier" rare mark for high end line of Canadian made Marcel Boucher jewelry. Photos and information courtesy Sheryl Hamilton from research of Terri DeLany.
        Mark:   Le Couturier -- see information for LeC     Courtesy Penny Mabrey    See a LeCouturier set in original box
        Mark:   Made in Canada, Boucher     Courtesy Shirley Hanick
        Mark:   "Boucher 3033" from 1950  
        Mark:   "Boucher" mark was used from 1950-1955
        Mark:   "Boucher" with the copyright mark preceding it, used from 1955 on.    Photo courtesy Erik Yang.

        Mark:   Boucher, Gladiolas        Courtesy justabunchawildflowers

        Boucher used Sterling from about 1942 until at least 1947 (Pat Seal).
        Boucher worked for Mazer in the early 1930's.
        He did a series of flower pins that had his name, plus the name of the flower.
        Boucher Inventory Numbers  dates are approximate, as designs could have been assigned numbers, but not produced until a future time.
                From A Tribute To America by Carla and Roberto Brunialti
        1945: 2300 - 2350
        1946: 2351 - 2450
        1947: 2451 - 2550
        1948: 2551 - 2750
        1949: 2751 - 3000
        1950: 3001 - 4500
        After 1955, marks had the copyright © symbol.
        1960: 7802
        1962: 8291
        1965: 9100 - pieces Sandra Boucher made after Marcel's death
        Later pieces also may have "P" for pin or "E" for earring, in addition to the number.
        Boucher died in 1965.
        Sandra Boucher, Marcel's wife, ran the company until 1972.
        Company became a part of Davorn Industries in 1972.
        1977- Davorn sold the name & designs to Stutz Fashion (from American Costume Jewelry 1935-1950 by Roberto Brunialti).

Boyer, Gay -- NY -- contemporary designer
        Mark:   Gay Boyer     Photo courtesy justabunchofwildflowers.

BOWMAN FOSTER, INC. (?) C. 1950'S -- C. 1970'S
        Bowman Foster possibly used the Beaujewels mark, and was not associated with Beaucraft according to Fred Rezazadeh.
        Mark:   Beaujewels inside an oval frame
        Mark:   Beaujewels    RCJ

        Mark:   Brania     Photo courtesy Myrna Seale.
        It was a famous bead house in NYC. Mimi Di'N designed for them in the mid 1960's.
        Have ads from 1959 & 1965.

Braude, Emil - Chicago, Ill. - c.1929 - at least 1985
        Mark:   Ebson -1929; reg. 1963
        Mark:   Guildhall - 1961; reg. 1962  
        Mark:   L'Amour
        Mark:   L'Amour Sterling - 1929; reg. 1963    Courtesy

Brazilia Fire see VARGAS

Brenda -- see R. F. SIMMONS

Brevet -- French term meaning patented.     Photo courtesy Linda Lange.

Brev (Brevetto) -- Italian term for licensed or patented
        Mark:         Courtesy a friend of RCJ

BRIER MFG. CO., Providence, RI - 1913 -- 1978
        Mark:   Little Nemo inside the shape of a ring - seen in a 1934 Keystone Jewelry trade mark book.
        Mark:   Venus -- 1958
        Mark:   Nemo with a line from the top of the "O" and back under "Nemo" -- jan. 1913 (Dolan)
        Mark:   Nemo     Courtesy Linda Heberling
        Mark:   NEMO in block letters -- see pictures below:
        Mark:   Used before 1955       Photo courtesy ID: mew_to_you .  Photo courtesy Susan Williams.
        Mark:   Used after 1955    Photo courtesy Randie -- ID antique-lacey.
        Mark:   Used after 1955    Photo courtesy Randie -- ID antique-lacey.
        Much of their jewelry was not marked.
        Founded by Benjamin Brier & Sam Magid in 1913.
        Declared bankrupt in 1978 according to Rainwater.
        Brier was the parent company of Little Nemo Mfg. Co., according to Fortune Magazine, Dec. 1946 -- research by Cheri Van Hoover.
        Read an article about Brier/Nemo based on an interview with Milton Brier by Susan Corwin.

Briggs, Bates & Bacon - 1922 -- c. 1950?
        Mark:   Carmen - in block letters (named for D.F. Briggs daughter)
        Mark:   Carmen - in script with the "C" having a "tail" under the other letters.
        Mark:   D.F.B. CO
        Mark:   Carmelita - 1950     Courtesy Carolyn Sunday
        Mark:   B & B
        Mark:   Bates & B
        Mark:   D.F.B.
        Founded around 1892 by D. F. Briggs, became Briggs, Bates & Bacon in 1922.


  Mark:   Brighton - 1973   Photo courtesy Carol Hearn

        Mark:   Brookcraft     Photo courtesy David Pritchett .
        Mark:   Brookcraft     Courtesy Linda King
        Mentioned in Vogue in 1945

BROOKS, NATACHA CO. -- started in 1944
        1st collection in Sept. 1944, inspired by the "Scheherazade Ballet".
        Mark:   Sterling with Natacha curved above and Brooks curved below      Courtesy Julie Carroll.
        Mark:   Natacha Sterling     Courtesy Debra Greeson

B.S.K. -- Steinberg, Slovitt, Kaslo, NY c.--1948 to early 1980's
        Mark:   B.S.K.           Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers.
        Mark: ;     Courtesy Ronelle Willadsen. BSK made a series of pins based on the movie "My Fair Lady"
        The B. Steinberg-Kaslo Co. was composed of partners Julius Steinberg, Morris Kimmelman, Hyman Slovitt, Abraham J. Slovitt,
        Samuel Friedman and another entity called Arke, Inc.   *Information is from text of 1956 copyright infringement lawsuit between Trifari
            and B.S.K.  --  from Mid-Century Plastic Jewelry by Susan Klein
        Another source says it closed in 1983

Bubbleite -- see GALL NOVELTY CO., Dallas, TX -- Nov. 1955

Buck, Frank -- author and animal collector
        Mark:   "Bring 'me Back Alive" Frank Buck   
        In 1930 animal collector Frank Buck published his book "Bring 'em Back Alive".
        He appeared in several movies about his adventures.   A series of animal pins followed.
        Photo & information courtesy Cathy Corday.

BUCKLEY, NADJA -- c. 1940-1979
        Designed for George. Jensen in 1948 -- Vogue ad introducing her.
        Ads have been seen for the years 1954 (Glamour) through 1979 (Vogue).

Bugbee & Niles Co. -- Providence, RI; 1859 - 2009
        Mark:   B & N first used in 1913
        Mark:   Amber Gem
        Mark:   Cerulean Gem
        Bugbee & Niles presentation box photo courtesy Vanessa Osborn    Larger view  The earrings have the "BN" mark.
        Mark:   BN     Courtesy Kathryn of
        Mark:   Diamonglo - 1981 - cancelled 1989
        Mark:   Diamonray - 1981 - cancelled 2003
        Mark:   Converta-Gems - 1982 - cancelled 2002
        Mark:   Diamonart - 1982 - cancelled 2003
        Mark:   Tee Topper - 1996 - cancelled 2004  
        Mark:       1984 until cancelled in 1992- US Trademark site

Bunny -- see UNCAS

Burch, Laurel-- CA; 1960's -- present;
        Mark:   Laurel -- 1960's
        Mark:    Laurel Burch in script -- 1970's    Photo courtesy Victoria James
        Mark:   "Laurel Burch" with the name of the design underneath it (more recent designs)
        Laurel Burch died 9/13/07 at age 60 of a rare bone disease.

Burr, Patterson & Co. -- Detroit, Michigan -- c. 1909 -- c. 1965
        Mark:   Backwards "B" co-joined with "P"   Photo courtesy Julie Levine
        Mark:   "Script "B" sitting slightly a-top script "P"
        Ads in trade journals 1909, 1915, 1922. under Burr, Patterson & Co.
        Ads in trade journals 1931, 1943, 1965 under Burr, Patterson & Auld Co.
        Thanks to Jenny Stephens for calling our attention to this info from Rainwater.

Burrows, Sandra Miller
        Mark:   SMB     Photo courtesy Pat Hamm .

        Contemporary designer who was once designed for Monet.
        Info courtesty Carol Spigner

BURT CASSELL, INC. -- see Cassell, Burt

B&W -- see Butler & Wilson

BUTLER -- see Fifth Avenue Collection

Butler, Nicky
        Mark:   "NB"
        Mark:      Photo courtesy Lyn Peightal.

        Handset stones in vintage-look jewelry.

Butler & Wilson -- 1969 -- present (6/05)
        Mark:   Oblong cartouche with B&W, 1970 seen on early Sterling lizard.  Info courtesy Suzanna Croshaw.

        Mark:   Butler & Wilson     Photo courtesy Suzanna Croshaw.
        Mark:   B&W   
        Mark:   Butler & Wilson     Photo courtesy Suzanna Croshaw.
        Mark:   B&W, Made in England     Photo courtesy Suzanna Croshaw.

        Nicky Butler & Simon Wilson started making jewelry in the early 1970's.
        Partnership broke up in the 1990's, with Wilson retaining the B&W name.


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