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I am not adding marks to the question marks list at this time.      Due to the large volume of requests, individual question are no longer answered.

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"c." = "circa" = within ten years before or after a date.
Dates given for each mark are for when that mark was first used, or when it was first seen in ads or articles.

2.     Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson.

3.    Handcrafter   Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

4.    New Pro  Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

5.    NF Sterling   Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

9.    CB   Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

10.    Skye   Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

11.    SY   Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

13.    Reeves  Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers

14.    Tony Romolda   Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers

19.    Comstock   Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers

21.    Custom --found on a lovely dark AB necklace & earrings   Photo courtesy Photo courtesy Matt & Patti Ribarich

22.    Brooks   Photo courtesy Glitz & Glitter Boutique.

23.    Miraj Sterling   Photo courtesy Glitz & Glitter Boutique.

26.    Geno    Photo courtesy Norma

27.    Albert   Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.

28.    (possibly K.C. Jewelry Mfg., Tenafly, NJ?? On a more contemporary pin -- by Beth Ann, ID: crazyintheattic

29.    St. Tropez   drawing of mark by Roxy Richardson

30.     -- (RCJ)

31.     -- by Roxy Richardson

33.     Don Nig ?  on earrings -- by Roxy Richardson

36.     DoSo  on necklace -- by Nicole Goodwin    From Robin Deutsch - this is a German mark, probably a trademark, not the actual company name.) So the mark is still a mystery.

37.     Barlet" or maybe Carlet" but the first three letters are very hard to make out. Next to the signature is a stamped hallmark and underneath reads "0926 MF Sterling". Two of the charms are engraved "Mexico" with a tall cactus logo. -- by Maggie Denmark

39.      -- by Roxy Richardson

41.     "Ph Lucas" -- by J. K. Schwartz

42.     "D'Arne" on a goldtone brooch -- by Lilly Vittetow

43.     "C&R" on potmetal sash type brooch with large center stone -- by Plenty O'Jewels.

44.     "©CFW"

47.    Essex   Photo courtesy Roxy Richardson

50.     "Clements" Deco potmetal -- by Linn Alber

51.    Purchased pieces at KJL store on 5th Ave. 12-15 years ago   Photo courtesy Gail McGee

52.    Sterling Celtic brooch -- Iona is an island off the coast of Scotland, but don't know who uses this mark.   Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
53.       KEET -- On sterling brooch. Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
54.       McCain NY. Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
55.       Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
56.       MODELE Moulage Sterling. Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
57.      " M "   On pearls. Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
58.       Photo courtesy Jean Bertens.
63.     Photo courtesy Myrna Seale.
65.     Florida, F. E. Taylor, Handmade  Photo courtesy Linda Jo D. Mitchell.
68.     Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
70.    on turquoise/Sterling watch band  Photo courtesy Lani Peterson.
71.    on turquoise/Sterling watch band.  Photo courtesy Lani Peterson.
72.    "R" Sterling  Photo courtesy Linda Jo D. Mitchell.
73.      British Registered Design Mark, such as those more often seen on pottery than on jewelry. This is from 1883 on a small pin that I think is cut steel. Photo courtesy Linda Jo D. Mitchell.
74.    Pamar  on pair vintage beaded earrings  Photo courtesy justabunchawildflowers.
78.    Jay   Photo courtesy Nancy Hopper.

79     found on vintage butterfly brooch.   Photo courtesy Elisa DeCarlo.

80.    Josane   on beautiful multi-colored rhinestone earrings  Photo courtesy Sally Notarius.

82.    Agnew   Photo courtesy justabunchawildflowers.

84.   both marks on same piece   Photo courtesy John Bene.

85.    on dress clip Photo courtesy Cheri Van Hoover.

86.    PJC on 1930's dress clip Photo courtesy John Bene.

88.    Amerique   Photo courtesy Gloria Barnhart.

89.      Omar Originals  Photo courtesy Frank of IncredibleJewelry

90.    K.J.   Photo courtesy RCJ

91.    Bluette Made in France  Photo courtesy RCJ

93.    " CP "  Photo courtesy .

94    "Don Best, Jewelry Made in USA"   Photo courtesy Adrienne Shivers.

95.    Encore   Photo courtesy Lyn Peightal.

96.    Gils   Photo courtesy Lyn Peightal.

98.     Mazzola  Photo courtesy justabunchawildflowers.

103.     Artisan NY     Courtesy Karen Bird.
104.     "HG "     Courtesy Terri Rex.
105.     Dionne     Courtesy Lyn Peightal.
108.     Sterling Copper Merrifield Hand Made Canada
110.    KR     Courtesy Shirley Hanick
111.       Clarion   Courtesy Alice Leonard
112.       C.Y.F.   Courtesy Evelyn Phillips
113.       Lagon   Courtesy Diana Taylor
114.       Regina   Courtesy Deb Schneider
115.       Gray Kingsburg   Courtesy Deb Schneider;    Gray Kingsburg N.Y. - found on a Dress Clip with Chains and Dangly Metal Beads   Courtesy Becky Sweet
116.       Celeste   Courtesy RCJ
117.       KJ with smaller NE   Courtesy Kristy Lee
121.       Charlin-- could this be Oscar Charlin?  Courtesy justabunchawildflowers
122.       Chameleon  Courtesy justabunchawildflowers
123.       Charles Jerome  Courtesy Sammie
125.       RASCO  Courtesy justabunchawildflowers
127.       REPLICA  Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
129.       Marquise  Courtesy Mary Baker
130.       © PAM  Courtesy eclecticgramma
132.       Colco  Courtesy Linda Lange
133.       Courtesy Nona Grampp
134.       Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
135.       "Rachel Australia" on a shell necklace -- Courtesy RCJ
136.       Meow -- Courtesy Deb Schneider
137.       So far, found only on guilloche costume jewelry pieces -- Courtesy Karen Thompson
138.         De Clemente -- Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
140.               Both marks on a Sterling bracelet    Courtesy Barb Jackson
141.          Dolsa - on a lamb charm bracelet     Courtesy Susan E. Singh

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"c." = "circa" = within ten years before or after a date

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