Mid-Century Plastic Jewelry
by Susan Klein

Printed with permission of Susan Klein and Schiffer Books

In the 1950's and 1960's, the artistically designed Lisner jewelry retailed at an average of $3 - 5 per piece, making it a lower-end, but certainly not a lower quality, costume jewelry purchase. In the mid-1970's, Lisner purchased the Richelieu Pearl Company from Joseph H. Meyers & Bros. and the company was re-titled the Lisner-Richelieu Corporation. Lisner-Richelieu was sold to Robert Andreoli of Victoria Creations in 1979. In 1984, the parent company, Victoria Creations, was sold to Jonathan Logan. Jonathan Logan was then acquired by United Merchants and Manufacturers. In 1996, United Merchants and Manufacturers went into receivership and Andreoli purchased Victoria Creations back from the bank. In 2000, Andreoli sold Victoria & Co., Ltd. to the Jones Apparel Group. According to Andreoli, Lisner jewelry has not been manufactured since the mid-1980's.

Lisner's most notable product: the resin oak leaves. The red oak leaf set is among the most coveted among collectors. The Lisner leaves were produced for about five years starting in the early 1960's. Bracelets: Red $75-100, white $35-40, blue $50-60.
Another coveted color: Lisner green oak leaf bracelet and double leaf earrings c. 1960's. Bracelet $65-75. Double leaf earrings $25-30.
Lisner often used this unique decorative necklace extender charm.

Photographs by Jori Klein.

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