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RAVASHING RED HASKELL DRESSCLIP Cheerful red glass flowers with 3 bead dangles will make everyone smile. It is almost 3" long and 1 3/4" at the widest point and in excellent condition. A fun fashion statement from the 1930's---unmarked but definitely by Miriam Haskell. can be worn as a dressclip, a pendant over a chain, or a saucy hat ornament.       [Back]      #6328    $145.00

TERRIFIC MIRIAM HASKELL BRACELET Haskell's famous "Russian gold" finish surrounds wonderful glass carnelian cabochons. There are tiny matching beads between the links. This charming bracelet is 7" long and 3/4" wide and was designed by Larry Vrba in 1973. It is in excellent unworn condition and is marked Miriam Haskell ---perfect for any occasion.       [Back]       [Close]      [Mark]         #7758    $135.00

FABULOUS EMERALD GREEN BRACELET SET This fabulous bracelet and earclip set is true "Hollywood Cocktail " style---heavy and well made! They have wonderful large faceted emerald green glass stones which measure 1" by 1" and they are set in goldtone with smaller green rhinestones in the links. The condition is excellent with only slight loss of the gold finish on the back. This set will absolutely turn heads---I guarantee it! The bracelet is 7" long and 1" wide.       [Back]       [Close]      #7867    $145.00

SENSATIONAL SELRO SET Gorgeous bracelet and earring set with "cloudy" speckled cabochons and blue rhinestones set in silvertone. It is 7" by 3/4" wide and it is in excellent unworn condition. It is unmarked but guaranteed to be Selro. Lovely and feminine in a very desirable color combination.       [Back]       [Close]      #7869    $135.00

Carnegie Ram's Horn Earrings  Chic ram's horn earrings designed to match her very collectible enameled animals. They are marked Hattie Carnegie and in excellent condition. They measure 1" by 1".       [Back]      #7761    $75.00

 DANISH MODERN BRACELET BY JACOB HULL FOR BUCH & DEICHMANN  Sleek and modern in style---this unique design in silver plated metal may be one of a kind. It was created by Jacob Hull for the firm of Buch & Deichmann of Denmark and it is fully marked as such. It will fit a 7" wrist and is almost 1" wide. The condition is very good and the clasp acts as the "safety chain". If you like a unique style---this is for you!      [Back]       [Close]      #BP148    $145.00

 STERLING SILVER SABER BROOCH A huge and exciting brooch measuring 4" by 1" at the widest point. The shape is that of a backsword---either saber or scimitar and very fashionable in the early 1940's. It is marked sterling and all the stones are there and shining like stars. It is in excellent condition----c.1944.      [Back]    #4373    $110.00

 TERRIFIC TRIFARI BROOCH A precious little brooch in goldtone Trifanium with white enamel and ruby red cabochons and rhinestones. Sophistication personified ---it measures 2.5" by 1/2" wide and the condition is excellent. It is marked Trifari with no copyright mark [made before 1955] and it is a design that I have never seen before.     [Back]    #4763    $85.00

  BUTLER AND WILSON BROOCH   An "out-of-this-world" brooch of beautiful blue enamel and diamante marked Butler and Wilson---well known British designers. Their unusual designs and fine workmanship were very popular with many including Princess Diana who often wore their jewelry. It is in excellent condition and measures 1 3/4" in diameter. Any dark places that you might see in the pictures are reflections.   [View]      [View]      #7354    $85.00

  EDWARDIAN 14K GOLD FILIGREE BROOCH   A truly lovely example of the jeweler's art from the early 20th Century. It is marked 14k OB which stands for the Otsby & Barton Co. It has beautiful faceted black onyx and a small genuine diamond. It is 1 1/4" long and 3/4" wide. It was appraised for 500.00 by my jeweler. It is in excellent condition and perfect for any occasion.   [Back]      [Mark]      #Cara3    SALE $225.00

  ADORABLE LIZTECH BUG BROOCH   This adorable "bug" brooch has a gorgeous glass opal belly and is marked Liztech 102. The designer, Jill Elizabeth, began her business in 1984. I am not sure when this one was made, but I think it is an early one.
It measures about 2.5" including the antennae and it is 2" wide. It is in excellent condition and will cause lots of comments and smile when it is worn.   [View]  #7051
   $ 60.00

  PATRIOTIC EAGLE/DRUM BROOCH   World War 2 inspired this great military design. A brass American eagle with two military battlefield drums dangling below. The drums are decorated with red, white, and blue braided trim. A truly inspiring brooch to wear with pride today.
It is almost 3" long and the eagle is 2" wide. It is in very good vintage condition and was made about 1940---an unusual and rare brooch.   [View]  #7164    $ 77.00

HATTIE CARNEGIE HEARTS   Just in time for Valentine's Day, a lovely pair of pave rhinestone brooches. They are in excellent condition and marked Hattie Carnegie. Just the right touch for your outfit---day or night! They are 1 1/4" by 1" wide.      [View]  #6127    $85.00

  18TH CENTURY WATCH COCK NECKLACE    Unique and fabulous---A rare 18th Century gold plated brass watch cock necklace [escapement covers from pocket watches], each one with a different engraved and pierced [by hand] floral openwork design. Three have faces at the base. It has a v-spring clasp. It is 161/4" in total length and the watch cocks are 1" across. It was assembled as a necklace about 1880 and it can be found in "Warman's Jewelry--3rd Edition" by Christie Romero on page 72. It is in excellent condition considering that the parts are over 200 years old!   [View]     [View]       [View]       [View]  #4888    $575.00

  ZESTY ZULU WARRIOR   A delightful enameled brooch of a Zulu warrior dancing with his trembler shield. Perched on a tiny spring, the shield trembles when the wearer moves and amuses all who see him. This design is a variation of the design from 1940 and is shown in the wonderful book "American Costume Jewelry" by Roberto Brunialti.

He is a bit over 3" tall and almost 3" at the widest part. He is in good vintage condition with only small amounts of missing enamel and no missing stones. He has real charm and personality!   [View]  #7194    $135.00

  RARE HASKELL BEADED DRESSCLIP   These unmarked beaded items were made by Haskell in 1943 and are rarely seen. The matching bracelet can be found in "Miriam Haskell Jewelry" by Cathy Gordon and Sheila Pamfiloff on page 146. The tiny glass seed beads are wired on and come in a variety of colors and it is in excellent condition. It is 2" in diameter. An exquisite and delicate work of art that you can actually wear!   [View]  #6450    $350.00

  RUFFLED FLOWER BROOCH SET    Light as a breath of fresh air----this lovely, delicate flower is made from Cellulose Acetate plastic. These are difficult to find as not many have survived over the last 50 years or so. The rhinestone centers are sparkling and the condition is very good. The color is a lovely amber shade and just perfect for Fall. The brooch is 3" across and almost 2" deep and the earclips are 1/14" wide.     [View]  #7232    $125.00

  CAPTIVATING CINER EARRINGS   The light amethyst colored rhinestones are surrounded with sparkling diamante stones. These glamorous earclips can be worn everywhere you go---the color is awesome! They measure 1 1/2" by 1 1/4" wide and the condition is excellent.   [View]  #7193    $135.00

  CHARMING COPPER PARURE   Artist created matching link bracelet, earrings, and pendant made of enamel on copper from the '50's. A great look and very easy to wear. The pendant is without it's chain and measures 1 1/2" by 1" wide. The enamel is perfect on all the pieces with no chipping. The bracelet is 8" long and 1 5/8" wide and makes a great statement when worn with an elegant dress or jeans! The earrings have screwbacks and measure 1" in diameter. The white splatter over brown and orange enamel is a great, refreshing look---just right for Fall. Lightweight and easy to wear. There are no marks.   [View]     [View]  [View]    #7209    $85.00

  TERRIFIC TWIN CLIPS   Terrific twin clips made after the manner of Coro Duettes and marked only Pat.Pend. They are possibly made by Delizza & Elster. The stones are called black diamonds and were first used by Albert Weiss Co. They measure 3" long and over 1 1/2" wide. They are in excellent condition and may be worn as separate dress clips.   [View]     [View]  #7145    $130.00

  SOPHISTICATED SHERMAN PARURE   Sherman---the name says it all! Beauty, quality, and workmanship. This lovely parure with heavy gold plating and art glass stones is perfect for any occasion---day or night. All of the pieces are marked Sherman and the condition is excellent.

The necklace is 141/2" long and extends out to 181/2" long. It is a bit over 1/2" wide. The bracelet will fit a 7" wrist. The earclips are about 1/2" by 1/2". The white spots are reflections---the stones are beautiful with tiny gold sparkles.      [View]      [View]     [View]     [View]  #7141    $350.00

  ART DECO SLAVE BRACELET      A unique brass and celluloid bracelet worn above the elbow. I have never seen another just like it. It is oval shaped and measures 3 1/8" across and 2 3/8" from the center design to the opening. It will fit an arm measuring about 11 inches. It is 3/4" deep at the center. There is a small spot of red stain on the inside and it is not visible when worn--otherwise, it is in excellent condition. It is c.1925 and really attracts attention when worn with today's sleeveless fashions. The brass is not dark as the picture shows---it is a clean, warm brass color.   [View]   [View]  #6949    $130.00

  ROSE OPAL STERLING REJA BROOCH   This gorgeous sterling vermeil brooch marked Reja is part of the 1946 Rose Opal series. A large elegant flower with faux pink opals is perfect for your Spring fashions. It is 31/2" long and 2" wide and the condition is excellent. A rare classic beauty to add to your jewelry collection.   [View]     [View]  #6965    $225.00

  TERRIFIC TRIFARI STERLING BOW   A lovely, rarely seen Trifari sterling vermeil bow brooch from January 1948. The center has Trifari fruit salad colored rhinestones. The vermeil is still intact over the sterling. It is 2 1/4" wide and 1 1/2" high. A great sophisticated ornament in very good condition and marked Trifari sterling pat pend.   [Back]     [Mark]     [Mark]  #BP133    $200.00

  ELEGANT EISENBERG DRESS ORNAMENTS    These elegant dressclips were sewn onto 1930's Eisenberg Original dresses. Unfortunately, they had to be removed every time the dress was cleaned and so very few were ever made and they are difficult to find. They are the first ones that I have owned in 20 years.

They have their original stones and they are in very good vintage condition. They are 2" long and 1/2" wide. They may be used in many different ways so let your imagination run wild----they will look terrific!   [View]     [View]  [mark]   #6878    $125.00

  THE CLASSIC LOOK OF A CORO DUETTE   The look of Art Deco evokes memories of a more sophisticated era seen in the design of this glamorous Coro Duette. Wear it together as a brooch or separate it into dress clips to wear on your favorite black dress. It is 2 7/8" long and 1 1/8" wide and the condition, front and back, is excellent.   [View]     [View]    [View]  #6849    $140.00

  BEAUTIFUL BOUCHER BROOCH   Marcel Boucher was not only a great designer, he was also a fine jeweler. This lovely classic brooch was made of sterling silver during the mid 1940s and the rhinestones mimic tiny diamonds. The mark is worn but you can read sterling and his four digit inventory number. If you desire the "real look" in your fashion jewelry, then this brooch is what you are looking for---elegant and timeless in both design and workmanship. This is a classic! It measures 1 1/2" X 1 1/4" down. the condition is excellent.   [Back View]  #6833    $115.00

  SANDOR ENAMEL OVER STERLING BROOCH   Gorgeous enamel over sterling silver created about 65 years ago by Sandor Goldberger. He created true "wearable art". It is the ideal touch for your Spring ensemble and can be worn for all occasions. The enamel is in perfect condition--even on the back! Soft pink, lavender, and green whisper Spring. It measures 3" long and 2" wide---so elegant!   [Mark]    [Back View]  #6659    $145.00

  HEAVENLY HAGLER CHRISTMAS TREE SET   This exquisitely beaded brooch and earclip set was designed in the 1990's by Ian St.Gielar for Stanley Hagler. The tiny beads are emerald green and amethyst with varying shades of those colors throughout the set. The tree measures 2 1/4" X 2 1/4" and the earclips are 1 1/4" X 1 1/4". They are in excellent condition and should increase in collectible value.  [Tree]   [Earrings]    [Back View]  #BP132    $250.00

  CINI STERLING BRACELET WITH POPPY MOTIF   This exquisite bracelet was designed and manufactured by Gugliemo Cini. The design is called "Poppy". It is a bit over 7" long and each flower is 1" wide. It is so easy to wear and it is always noticed when worn--a real favorite of mine. The condition is excellent.   [Close]    [Back View]  #6706    $140.00

  ONE-OF-A-KIND NECKLACE BY ARTHUR KOBY   Famous New York designer, Arthur Koby, has hand created a fabulous necklace in various shades of pink. He used pink cultured pearls, rose quartz, picture jasper, agate, pink Austrian crystals and gold from India. This is fashion jewelry at it's finest! It was bought directly from the designer in April of 2005 and has never been worn. Mr Koby did not mark the necklace but it comes with a personal handwritten card by him. 15 to 15.5 inches around neck and the center drop is 3 inches. Pictures do not do this justice at all, as it is breathtaking!   [Close]    [Back View]  #BP35    $1200.00

  GLORIOUS VINTAGE HASKELL BROOCH   There are no words to describe this marvelous brooch. Tiny blue beads with rose pink roses montees surrounding rose red art glass stones. There is a necklace made with a similar color combination pictured in " Miriam Haskell Jewelry" by Cathy Gordon and Sheila Pamfiloff on page 177. It was purchased from the Kentshire Antiques at Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Ave. in New York last year. It comes in the original box from Bergdorf Goodman. It measures 3" by 3.25" and it is in mint condition.   [Side]  [Close]  [Back View]  #BP127    $450.00

  GORGEOUS HASKELL EARRINGS   These lush shades of pink, blue and green combine in a fabulous design of truly spectacular earclips marked Miriam Haskell. One of the large pink stones has a teeny mark on the bottom and I mention this only for accuracy. They measure about 1 1/4" by 1 1/4" and they are in great condition. They are truly gorgeous works of "the wearable art".   [Back View]  #BP121    $150.00

  TERRIFIC TRIFARI CHOKER NECKLACE   This terrific choker, marked Trifari, will transform any ordinary outfit into something special. It is 14" long and the pendant is 2" by 1/1/2 ". It dates to c.1951 and it is in excellent condition with a gorgeous rhodium finish.   [Close]    [Back View]  #6524    $110.00

  SPECTACULAR SCHRAGER CHATELAINE CROSSES    Renaissance Revival chatelaine by the House Of Schrager. Created in 1946, it was inspired by authentic 16th Century medallions that were carefully reproduced by skilled craftsmen. They are marked House Of Schrager Creation on both crosses. The larger cross is 4.5" long to the end of the chain dangle. The other cross is 3.5" long to the end of the chain dangle. The chain connecting them is about 8" long. A very well made classic design in excellent condition. A rare piece that can be worn with pride.   [Back View]  [Close View]  [Close View]  #6164    $165.00

  BEAUTIFUL CORAL CAMEO BROOCH c. 1900   Faux coral cameo made of celluloid and set in a lovely ornate brass frame. It is circa 1900 with a "C" catch and measures 2" by 1.5". It is in excellent clean condition.   [Back View]    #5810    $110.00

  ORNATE VINTAGE COMB c. 1910  This lovely celluloid hair accessory is embellished with light topaz rhinestones. It is about 7" long and about 6" at the widest point. It has no damage to the delicate celluloid and no missing or darkened stones. A truly breathtaking fashion statement from c. 1910.      [Close View]  #5617    $110.00

  BLUE HOLLYCRAFT EARRINGS Dated 1955   Wonderful, huge, Hollycraft earrings with blue rhinestones, pearls, blue glass beads, and a faux opal cabochon. They measure about 1.75" long by 1" wide. They are in very good to excellent condition.   [Close View]    [Back View]    #5701    $55.00

  MIRIAM HASKELL DRESS CLIP   An elegant 1930s dress clip---unsigned [before about 1949 all Haskell was unmarked] but definitely Haskell. Black faceted glass that reminds me of Whitby jet. It is 2" across and almost an inch thick and looks smart clipped on a neck chain. The front is excellent. At some point over the last 60 to 70 years, the wires that were holding it together have gone missing and it has been glued so it is not in original condition but it works just fine and can be worn with pride. The price reflects the condition.  [Side]    [Back]     #5392    $48.00

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