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Jewelry History / Jewelry Research Sites

Researching Costume Jewelry  Find pictures of jewelry marks, information on designers and companies, articles, galleries and more at RCJ.

Antique Jewelry Online    your portal to antique and estate jewelry on the World Wide Web!

Antiquing Online Designer List  List includes short blurbs about different designers.

American Arts & Crafts Movement at Chicago   Great site with history and lots of pictures.

Azillion SPARKLZ Reference Tips   Jewelry Cleaning and Repair Guide. Info on how to identify different materials.

Bead Database  Wonderful site for the bead collector!

Cameo Collectors Group on Yahoo  

Chicago Silver  Very good educational site focusing on Arts & Crafts jewelry called Chicago Silver. The site contains lots of examples, marks, reprints of older articles, etc.

Clerestorial's Jewelry Resource Pages

Coro Design Patents Site   Luda Tovey has put together many wonderful pages of old Coro Design Patents.

Costumer's Manifesto    comprehensive site on period costume information.

Emerald City Reference Pages  Vintage Jewelry Ads, Patent Jewelry, Glossary and morey

Eclectic Vintage

The Ganoksin Project   The gem and jewelry world's foremost free information resource on the Internet. - a library of articles, publications, reports, and technical data on gem and jewelry related topics.

Hattie Carnegie Website   Great website with much information on Hattie Carnegie

I Love Dress. Com   Great site with articles, links and lots of info on "dress" from different eras.

Jewel Chat on Morning Gloria Antiques   Wonderful articles on quality, value, particular designers and many beautiful pictures.

Jewelry Patents  Founded by Jim Katz, now managed by Pretty Snazzy Jewelry & Supplies

Judy Lee Jewels Catalog  c.1960

Discovering D&E aka Juliana Jewelry  Great group for those who collect or sell D&E jewelry.

Juliana -- Personal Collection of Cheryl Kilmer   

Juliana Jewelry Facts at Junkyard Jeweler

Miracle Jewelry  Wonderful picture reference site by Carole Morris.

Owl Pendant Collection  Over 950 different costume jewelry owl pendants are displayed in this very well done gallery owned by Daniel W. VanArsdale.

Reproductions -- Eisenberg and more  Great pictures of reproductions of Eisenbergs and other designers -- Bobye Syverson

Sarah Coventry Jewelry   with identification of designs.

Selro Jewelry Unmasked by Susan Klein

The Collectors Weekly   a resource for collectors and people who love antiques, vintage jewelry and other vintage items

Trifari History -- Irving Wolf  by Susan Corwin

Vintage Jewelry Patents  A Research Site for Vintage Patents Jewelry and Period Collectibles -- Owners Bob Brown, Jan Cox.& Judi Bollan

Vintage Jewelry Resource Site by Eclectic Vintage  Informational site: popular designers, care & cleaning, how to identify

Weiss Jewelry -- How to Spot Fakes  Rebecca Fransway's great site with side by side pictures.

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