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P 5555 (example) -- see Boucher

"P" inside a diamond shape (long side to side) with "Trade" and "Mark" on either side, and "Diamond" above and "Finish" below X-Ls-ALL - see Providence Stock Company

"P" within a pyramid -- see Ballou

"P" in a shield -- see PAKULA

P. Craft -- Attleboro, MA -- 1931 until present
          Mark:   Evenings by P. Craft --  Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
        Family owned and operated, once known for cameo jewelry, make very little jewelry today; have become a metals manufacturing company.
        Info courtesy Lilly Vittetow from Jackie Cabral of P. Craft.

P.E.P. -- see Pearl, Erwin

P.S. CO. -- Plainville Stock Co., Plainville, MA; c. 1896 -- present
        Mark:   P.S. CO -- first used about 1884     Photo courtesy Linda Lange.

        Mark:   Patrician
        Mark:   "P" inside a circle.

PACO RABANNE -- see Rabanne, Paco

PAKULA & Co., Chicago, IL c. 1932--- 1997/98
        Mark:   Pakula -- first used in 1932     Photo courtesy of Gail Gupton
        Mark:   "P" in a shield -- Jan. 1941
        Mark:   Enchantress -- first used July 1946
        Mark:   Pakula hangtag      Photo courtesy Dinah Taylor.
        Have ads from 1962, 1963
        Hollycraft made some jewelry for Pakula, including Christmas items.

        Contemporary jewelry company.

Palm -- see Richard Polumbaum Co.

Palm Beach Vanity -- see Napier

Palm Royale -- see Richard Polumbaum Co.

Palm Royale -- PALM PRODUCTS, Rockefeller Center, NY
        Have ads from 1946

PANETTA -- 1945 -- late 1980's (under Panetta's)
        Mark:   Panetta ©     Photo courtesy of Gail Gupton
        Mark:   Panetta     Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        Founded by Benedetto Panetta, who died in th 1960's.
        Company continued under his sons Amadeo and Armand until the late 1980's.
        Was purchased by a foreign company in the 1980's

Panis, Starve Gregor
        Mark:   SGP Sterling      Photo courtesy Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry
        Joined the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts in 1925.
        Birth 1889, death 1974.

Parco Mfg.

  Mark:   PARCO Photo courtesy Becky Sweet

Paolo -- se Pierre Cardin

Paragon (script) -- see CORO

        Mark:   Parenti  
        2 Parenti sisters came to the USA from Florence, Italy about 1932, as Europeon-trained silversmiths.
        Had a shop at 400 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
        Made hand-wrought silver pieces--many of them set with real stones.
        Info from a Vogue article from 1941, & a 1947 ad.

PARIS -- see Moreland

PARISINA -- see Boucher

Park Lane -- see Jewels by Park Lane

Park Lane -- see Vargas

Parquet -- see TRIFARI

Parrot Pearls -- 1975 -- (1995 Ruby Z) -- San Francisco
        Ceramic jewelry in fanciful shapes--animals, flowers, colorful beads
        Mark:   Parrot Pearls
        Most designs were necklaces and pins; few bracelets made.
        Founded by Candace Loheed, Bean Finneran, Sarah Seiter and nacy Fiddler
        Loheed and and 2 partners formed new company called Ruby Z signatures may be on back of a bead, with "Z" on other side
        Company called Flying Colors founded by former emplyees of Parrot Pearls.
        Almost all jewelry by 3 companies was signed: necklaces on bead at clasp or on back of centerpiece
        Info from article in Antique Week Vol. 38, Issue 1916 by Ann. M. Pitman.

PASTELLI -- Royal Of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA-- c. 1950's - 1980's
        Mark:   Pastelli        Photo courtesy of Gail Gupton
        Mark:   Pastelli engraved in cursive on a raised rectangular bar; then "R" within a circle.   Info courtesy Toni Sly.
        Have ad from 1963

Paul Lobel (lived 1899-1983)
        Mark:        Courtesy Rita Perloff
        Modernist studio jeweler.

PAUL SARGENT -- see Sargent, Paul

Pauline Rader --see Rader, Pauline

Paulette Jewelry c. 1954
        hand-manipulated courtier styled jewelry, featuring shower effect necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in multicolor, opaque and frosted beads and rondelles.
        Listed in a 1954 brouchure of an accessories show at the Hotel McAlpin in NY

PAULINE TRIGERE -- see Trigere, Pauline

PD -- see Premier Designs

PD in a diamond shape-- see Penn Diamond Co.

Peacock, C. D., Inc. -- Chicago, IL
        Mark:   C. D. PEACOCK   Courtesy Plenty O' Jewels.

Pearl, Erwin -- c.1960 to present
        Mark:   Erwin Pearl - 1983  
        Mark:   E. Pearl -- 1991; mark has been used on fine and costume jewelry.
        Mark:   E.P. -- 2001
        Mark:   Erwin Pearl and P.E.P. found on same earring         Courtesy Vickie Gerdes, ID: luvroadtrips.
        The company also produces sterling and gold filled jewelry.
        Erwin Pearl was still making some fine jewelry into the late 1960's.
        Not sure when they started making costume jewelry.

PEARLCRAFT - took out a loan in 1962

PELL -- Pell Jewelry Co., Long Island City, NY -- 1941-present-
        Mark:   Pell  
        Mark:   ©Pell   
        Founded by the Gaita brothers
        Still in business as of 2006

        Mark:   Pellini ®      Photo courtesy Cathy Gordon.

Peltanium see BARCLAY

PENNINO -- Pennino Bros., Ny, NY 1926 --1966
        Mark:   Pennino       Photo courtesy Joy Tumlin
        Mark:   Pennino Sterling     Photo courtesy Erik Yang.
        Mark:   9 different zodiac signs--first used Nov. 1926
        Mark:   Pennino Pat. Pend.
        Mark:   Pennino in script was probably only used on paper goods --ads, etc.        Photos courtesy Linda Lange.
                 Let us know if you have actually seen script on a piece of jewelry.
        Mark:   Pennino script hangtag           Courtesy Judy Miller, ID: grandmax111
        Pennino was almost always signed, except for some commemortive items that were limited in production. Sets have been found where the earrings were signed, but the necklace was not. Sometimes the signature is on the back of an individual element and is easily overlooked.
        Pennino jewelry started in a small goldsmith shop in NYC in 1908 by Pasquale Pennino.
        The company was formally founded by Oreste (Otto), Frank & Jack Pennino in 1926.
        Items marked "ORESTO" are not Pennino.
        Pennino never made jewelry for other companies.
        Info as of 4-24-06. Courtesy Chris Hartnett, great-nephew of Frank Pennino.
        For more information, read an article about  Three Neapolitan Princes and the Legacy of Pennino  by Dotty Stringfield.

Perles de Lune -- see KRAMER

Perma Clad - see DaVinci Creations

Perma Gold - see DaVinci Creations

Perma-Plate -- see MARATHON

Penn Diamond Co. - Scranton, PA
        Mark:   PD in a diamond shape -- 1962

Perlmesh -- see Whiting & Davis

Persian Love -- see UNCAs

Persiana - see Royal Craftsmen

Personality -- see UNCAS

Peruzzi -- Italy c. 1500 -- c. 2000
        Mark:   Peruzzi Silver 800 Florence     Photo courtesy Erik Yang.
        Mark:   FIRENZE PERUZZI       Photo by Sam Mitchell. Sam's research points to this being an early
                Fratelli Peruzzi Argentieri (literal translation: Peruzzi Siblings Silversmiths) mark circa 1900.
        Mark:            Photos courtesy Andrea Maloney.
        The Peruzzi's were a family of jewelers in Florence, Italy.

Peruzzi -- Boston c.1930 -- 1981
        Mark:   Peruzzi Boston
        Founded in Boston by Gino Peruzzi in the early 1930's
        Sold to Aldo Fioravanti in 1945.
        Went out of business in 1982.
        Info from "Amazing Gems".

Peterson, L.S. -- L.S. Peterson Co., Inc. -- Attleboro, MA, later at Seekonk, MA -- c. 1943 -- 1994
        Mark:   L.S.P.CO.     Courtesy Gail Gupton
        Mark:   Little Princess

Peter Macciarini -- see Macciarini Creations

Phrygian cap mark -- see Boucher

Phyllis Originals, Inc. -- see M. & S. Mfg.

Pididdly Links, Ltd.., Kingstone, NY -- 1969 - sold in 1995
        Mark:   Pididdly Links, Kingston, NY        Courtesy Lilly Vittetow
        Company founded by Steve and Elise Pittelman.
        Elise was the main designer for the company.
        One source on the internet stated that she started Jewelled Creations after selling Pididdly Links, making jewelled bird palaces, pins and magnets.

Pierre Bex

  Mark:   Pierre Bex
  Mark:   Pierre Bex, PB, France  
  Mark:   Pierre Bex, Made in France
  Mark:   Logo
  Mark:   PB Pierre Bex
  Mark:   Habbeba -- prior to 1980
  Mark:   Orchidee Noire -- end of 1980's; all were signed
  Mark:   Orchidee Noire
  Mark:   Orchidee Noire tag     Mark:   Orchidee Noire tag -- other side
  Mark:   Ferraggioli -- end of 1980's
  Mark:   Ferraggioli tag

Pierre Cardin
        Mark:   Hangtag     Courtesy Alison Gadberry
        Mark:   Paolo - 1994; designed by Paulo Gucci..a division of Les Plus Inc. Pierre Cardin

Pierre, George; France; c. 1910 -- 1936
        Mark:   GIP     Photo courtesty Judith Katz Schwartz.
        Pierre worked with thin slices of horn to make his incredible pieces.

Pik Manufacturing c. 1954
        Slide bracelets with moveable motifs, drop charm bracelets, ladies cuff links.
        Listed in a 1954 brouchure of an accessories show at the Hotel McAlpin in NY

        Mark:       Courtesy Ray Figueroa

PIN KLIP -- see Swank, Inc.

Pin-ettes -- see Anson

Pineda, Antonio

Photo courtesy Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry.

Pinafore -- see CORO

Pinch Pin -- see REJA

Pinless Pin -- see The Fashioncraf Jewelry Co.Original by Robert

Piscitelli - Cranston, RI; c. 1960 to present
        Mark:   Piscitelli - 1975 - 2003      
        Mark:   Cali 1980 - 2005   
        Mark:       1988 - 2003
        Company made high end costume jewelry.
        Founded by Joe P. Piscitelli, Sr., who had been a model maker for STAR Mfg.
        Lastest informatiion has a member of the family running the company.
        Information courtesty Sandy Carroll.

PITMAN & KEELER -- Attleboro, MA; c.1910 - at least c. 1960)
        Mark:   P. & K.  
        Mark:   Security
        Mark:   American Queen -- from 1917     Courtesy Linda Lange

Plainville Stock Company -- Plainville, MA, 1884 -- present
        Mark:   PSCO -- used since 1884, registered in 1906  
        Mark:   "P" inside a circle registered in 1962.
        Above info and photo courtesy Dinah Taylor.
        Mark:   Patrician -- listed in Rainwater.
        Makers of silverplated and gold filled jewelry.
        Some info provided by Dinah Taylor.


POLCINI -- Polcini Mfg. Corp., NY, NY -- 1911 until at least 1989
        Mark:   Ledo --1948 -- c. 1962    Photo courtesy Victoria James
        Mark:   LEDO      Photo courtesy Beth Rowlands.
        Mark:   Polcini c. 1960      Photo courtesy Jennifer of Jennifer Lynn's Timeless Jewelry.
        Mark:   Lee Menichi for Polcini 1971 (a 1930's look)
        Founded by Ralph Polcini and originally named Leading Jewelry Co. 1911--1949
        Leading Jewelry Co. was renamed Polcini c. 1960

Polumbaum, Richard -- NY, NY
        Mark:   Palm     Photo courtesy Linn Alber.

        Mark:   Palm Royale (Rainwater found this in Jewelers Circular Keystone in 1950
        Mark:   Thine Forever

Pomerantz, H.
        Mark:         Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers.

Pooped Pussy Cat -- see CARNEGIE

Pooped Poodle -- see CARNEGIE

Popesco, Catherine -- contemporary artist (2005)
        Mark:   Catherine Popesco France      Photo courtesy .

Powder-Blend -- see Lisner

PR.ST.CO. - 1934 - see Providence Stock Company

Precious All -- see VAN DELL

Preco Manufacturing

  Mark:   © PRECO   Photo courtesy justabunchawildflowers.

Premier Designs -- 1985 to present (2005), Irving, TX
        Mark:   PD     Photo courtesy Lilly Vittetow.
        Mark:        Courtesy Linda Jo D. Mitchell.      Courtesy Teresa Wiist
        Sells jewelry through home parties.
        Founded by --Andy and Joan Horner.

PREMIER JEWELRY CO., INC., NY, NY -- Dec. 1945-?
        Mark:   Claudette     Photo courtesy eclecticgramma.
        Mark:   C. Claudette

Presit -- see Stern, Louis

Prestige (script) -- see CORO

Princess Pride Creations, Chicago, IL -- Medicated Products Co. d.b.a. Donald Bruce Company
        Mark:   Princess Pride Creations --first used June 1953 [printed in capitals]
        Mark:   Princess Bride [in script under a crown] w/ Creations underneath in print
        Mark:   Angelite -- 1960   Courtesy Plenty O'Jewels@Rubylane.
        Last listed owner Princess Acquisition LLC LTD LLAB, Co.

Providence Stock Company, Providnece, RI -- c. 1890 -- until at least the 1950's
        Mark:   AERONAUT - 1934
        Mark:   EZ FOLD - 1934
        Mark:   FOLD ON - 1934
        Mark:   LEADER - 1934
        Mark:   MANIFOLD - 1934
        Mark:   MODERNE BEAUTY - 1934
        Mark:   NAVIGATOR - 1934
        Mark:   SOLAR PLATE - 1934
        Mark:   FAIR MAID - 1934
        Mark:   NANCY LEE - 1934
        Mark:   PR.ST.CO. - 1934    Courtesy RCJ
        Mark:   X-Ls-ALL
        Mark:   BLUWITE
        Mark:   EVERITE
        Mark:   MIFAVORITE
        Mark:   Heart shape with "line" arrows pointing to it from either side
        Mark:   Script "L" in a circle with "Trade" and "Mark" on either side
        Mark:   "Liberty Buckle-On Watch Bracelets"
        Mark:   "P" inside a diamond shape (long side to side) with "Trade" and "Mark" on either side, and "Diamond" above and "Finish" below
        Information from Rainwater and a 1934 Jewelry trademark book.

Probst, C. E., Newark, NJ -- at least . 1950 - 1965
        Mark:   PROBST, 1/20 12K G.F.  Courtesy Lilly Vittetow

PSCO -- see Plainville Stock Co.

        Mark:   Puccini     Photo courtesy ID: justabunchawildflowers


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