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Tara Fifth Avenue jewelry was originally in New York, NY, but moved to Garden Grove, CA, in 1965.   We know they sold some of their jewelry through direct sales representatives, either door-to-door or through home parties.    However, we don't know if that was their only methold of selling.

Thanks to Dottie Sheffield, ID jim-n-dottie, who has shared images of this wonderful 1965 Tara Fifth Avenue jewelry representative's sales kit with RCJ.   It includes pictures of actual jewelry pieces, catalog pages and other paper items that help us date the jewelry.

Visit this RCJ page for more information on different marks used by Tara.

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37. Classic

38. Starfire

39. Wedgewood Cameo

40. Mad Money, Renaissance

41. Tara Weave, Heirloom

42. Reigning Beauty

43. Earrings

44. Firey Frost

45. Imperial Jade, Gypsy

46. Tara's Bangle
Most Precious

47. Chains

48. Autumn Leaves, Golden Leaves, Madame Butterfly, Twin Blossoms

49. Sunburst, Riviera
Heart Hunter

50. Cleopatrician

51. Fidelity Cross

52. Men's Jewelry

53. Vogue, Real Look Clasp
Golden Petals Clasp

54. Marquise Lustre, Vogue Cultara, Marquise Cultara

55. Prima Donna, Dubarry, Lustre, Alexandra, Sophia, Pompadour Bibs, Dart

56. Piedmont, Elegance, A.F. Heart, Truly Yours

57. Rings

58. Beau Knot
Romance, Swing

59. Granny; Pierre; Kitty; Champagne; Cinderella; Faith, Hope & Charity; Miss Deborah

60. Heirloom

61. Tuscany, Renaissance

62. Prima Donna

63. Mad Money

64. Tara Weave

65. Riviera, Flamenco

66. Showers

67. Fidelity Crosses

68. Golden Goddess Belt
Vendome Necklace

69. Interlude, Sunburst

70. Religious

71. Champagne Bracelet

72. Tara Rings

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