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All images in the gallery courtesy D. Brett Benson, Cheryl Killmer and Susan Klein, except those marked otherwise. Phtography by Allen Bagdade

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Red Selro earrings with figural dangle.

Note that “Selro Corp” with copyright symbol is stamped right into the plastic of old Asian man face that is featured in many Selro pieces.

Two styles of Selro dangling earrings in white.

Old Asian man face ring in blue. Rare and fabulous. Unsigned although it is probable that plastic face is stamped "Selro Corp". The back of the ring is not open to view.

Three Selro bracelets featuring the old Asian man faces in coral, turquoise and yellow. Signed Selro Corp.

Brilliant yellow parure comprising bracelet, bolo necklace and earrings. Signed Selro Corp.

Additional red varieties of Selro earrings featuring old Asian man face

White Selro parure with Asian man faces.

Red Selro bracelets with old Asian man faces.

Red and black Selro parure with the old Asian man face.

Incomplete bolo-style necklaces featuring the old Asian man face. These have emerged after 30 years from the former Fran & Company Selro stock.

Unusual and rare Selro belt featuring old Asian man faces.

Bolo necklace with blue-toned African face. Unsigned.

Magnificent African faces are the focus of this red and black bracelet. Signed Selini

Gold tone version of Selro earrings plus matching bracelet.

Elaborate silver tone earrings with black-toned Asian faces. Signed Selro Corp.

Bracelets with pearly version of the Asian woman face. Unsigned.

White pearly bracelet with Asian woman face. Unsigned.

Herringbone bolo necklace featuring "Thai Girl" face. Unsigned.

Bracelet with blue Asian woman faces in a diamond-shaped setting. Unsigned.

Asian woman figural pin. Unmarked.
There is some debate as to whether this is Selro, or not.

Dangling Selro/Selini charm bracelets
Marian Faytell Collection

Unmarked Selro/Selini charm bracelets with Asian motif. Note that purple bracelet has original wholesale distributor “Fran” tag with $6.95 wholesale price.

Turquoise version of the Asian charm bracelet

Thick herringbone choker with Asian motif, unsigned. Note the chain dangle that can often be found on Selro/Selini pieces.

Red version of bejeweled bracelet.

Unique bracelet with rotating centers. Unsigned.

Show-stopping red teardrop-shaped, confetti plastic pieces are the significant feature in this enormous bracelet. Unsigned.

Selro/Selini bracelets
Marian Faytell Collection

Sparkly confetti bracelet. Unsigned.

Pair of confetti cabochon bracelets in pink and blue, unsigned.

Sky blue bracelet and necklace with irregularly shaped plastic stones. Note smaller version of typical Selro herringbone chain. Unsigned.

Massive caramel colored confetti bracelet and bolo necklace. Unsigned.

Pink confetti parure, comprising bracelet, necklace and earrings. Unsigned

Bejeweled unmarked Selro bracelet and necklace in orange tones.

Dark green, heavily textured bolo necklace with original Selini hang tag. Perhaps this is the reason so many of these lovely pieces are unmarked; they were hang-tagged.

Electric green bolo necklace, unsigned. Selinger often used this large herringbone chain and bolo style in the design of his necklaces.

Necklace featuring red and black cameo and pearls, unmarked.

Heavily carved green cabochons flank a maroon cabochon in this elegant necklace, unsigned.

Silver-toned necklace with heavily embellished links that are topped with black cabochons and blue rhinestones, unsigned.

Bronze-toned twin to the silver-toned necklace. This version's heavily embellished links are topped with black cabochons and green rhinestones, unsigned.

Glittery purple bolo necklace. Note the tiny cat faces in the setting. Unsigned.

Rare Selro rings. One with a gold and black confetti cabochon, the other with a coral colored, carved Asian motif. Backs have typical Selro construction with central bar and center rivet. Unsigned.

Pearl and blue cabochon Selro ring. Unsigned.

Unsigned Selro cufflinks featuring electric green confetti cabochons. Note the center bar on the back of the cufflink that typifies Selro construction. Courtesy I-70 Antique Mall, Springfield, OH

Bracelet, earrings and pin of blue glass leaves in a gold tone setting. Unsigned.

Trio of clip on earrings. The black set is signed Selro, the others are unmarked.

The pieces below of Selro/Selini, which may have been experimental, came in bags marked Selro from the former Selro distributor Fran & Co.

Large bib-style necklace featuring turquoise oval cabochons and beads. Unsigned.

Ethnic-style and perhaps experimental necklace that dates from the 1960s, unsigned.

Another ethnic-style and perhaps experimental necklace that dates from the 1960s, unsigned.

Incredible ethnic bib-style necklace, ca. 1960s, unsigned.

Dramatic bronze-toned Egyptian-style necklace, unsigned.

Mod belt, featuring red, white and blue cabochons, ca. 1960s, unsigned.

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